Gold Train – board the golden train and win the jackpot!

Trains are not just a means of transportation but are deeply connected to culture and historical events. Trains are an inspiration for many works of art that have been created throughout history. They have been the subject of many films and books such as: “Murder on the Orient Express” by Agatha Christie, “Strangers on a Train” by Alfred Hitchcock and “From Russia with Love. Inspired by trains and railways, we have a new video slot game from the maker Pragmatic Play, called the Gold Train. Try this fantastic game as amazing promotions await you!

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Gold train1
Gold Train, Pragmatic Play

The gold train has great bonus features!

This video slot game has three reels and three paylines. The reels take up the entire screen and appear to be mounted on the train’s windshield. The Gold Train has many bonus symbols and a great progressive bonus feature, which will compensate for the limited number of paylines.

There are no online free spins in this slots game, but the progressive bonus feature gives you random prizes which are presented in the carriages on the train. If the Upgrade symbol lands on your reels, you will receive additional wagons when your bonus function is activated. The bonus function will be activated when three scatters land on your reels. A colorful train will appear on the screen and you will receive a random payment from each car. During this payment, some wagons may assign you an Upgrade symbol instead of a payment, which means that you will receive an additional four to ten wagons. These wagons will be added to the existing number of wagons for payment you therefore stand a chance to win more.

Three jokers bring you the jackpot!

Symbols only pay from left to right. The Three-Bar symbols are the lowest paid symbols together with the Bells, the Flags and the Conductor’s Hat. The symbol that pays the most is the Red Card. This game has a wild symbol, which changes all other symbols and forms a winning combination of three wild symbols, gives you a chance to win the jackpot.

The design of this slots game is classic, Pragmatic play chose the old look of the slot machines from the ’80s. The reels are framed by a red background, while the symbols are huge. There is also an autoplay option where you can set up to 1,000 stand-alone spins. The RTP (return to the player percentage) of this video slot is 97.1%.

You cannot go wrong with the Gold Train slot game, as it has a fantastic progressive bonus function. The chances of winning are so great that the Gold Train is certainly a train you’d like to catch!

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