Goldaur Guardians – feel the casino slot magic!

The Goldaur Guardians video slot comes from the Alchemy Gaming studio and Microgaming provider, with a fairytale theme. These guards will take you on a heroic journey through the magical forest and introduce you to various bonus games with a fantasy theme.

Goldaur Guardians
Goldaur Guardians

The setting of this video slot game is on five columns in three rows and 20 paylines, with maximum winnings of up to 1,000 more than a bet per spin. In the Goldaur Guardians slot you will be greeted by free spins, random heroic spins, giant symbols, and valuable wild symbols.

The game has a fantastic theme, with several guard-shaped characters protecting the entrance to the fairy world. These main guard characters appear as the main symbols in the slot. In addition, you get a few fairy symbols as lower-paid symbols, while the main role is played by wild and scatter symbols. The design and graphics are great, with phenomenally designed symbols, which also appear in giant sizes.

The Goldaur Guardians video slot comes with exclusive bonuses!

The basic game will be a lot of fun for you, but wait until the special features take effect. Including wilds, scatter symbols, and bonus free spins, the slot will keep your attention at a high level. The symbol ‘W’ is a wild symbol, which means that wherever it appears it will replace the standard symbols on the columns. You can also expect a payout 50 times the stakes for five of them on the line.

Goldaur Guardians
Online Casino Bonus

The golden tree is a scatter symbol and can appear anywhere on the columns, giving a payout 100 times the stakes. But that is not the only role of scatter symbols. Namely, three or more of these symbols will reward you with a bonus of free spins.

During the basic game, you will see how the function of turning the hero takes effect at random. If this happens, a random symbol on the hero’s trail is activated, which is arranged across columns one and two. The giant wild symbols and the giant symbols of the heroes come simultaneously through the third, fourth, and fifth columns.

Goldaur Guardians
Goldaur Guardians

If you find that you have rotated several symbols, which would yield a gain if another is present, you will have the potential to rotate any column several times. It is a Hyperspins function, and each respin is offered at a calculated cost. At the bottom of each column, you will notice respin buttons, and then you get the Respin option for individual columns. You can use this to try to get additional symbols for incomplete combinations or to possibly get missing symbols to trigger free spins.

Win bonus free spins with giant-sized wild symbols in the Goldaur Guardians slot!

As for the bonus free spins, we have already mentioned that they are activated with the help of the scatter symbol of the golden tree. So, three or more scatter symbols will reward you with bonus free spins. Depending on the number of scatter symbols, you can win the following number of bonus free spins:

  • 3 scatter symbols are rewarded with 5 bonus free spins
  • 4 scatter symbols are rewarded with 7 bonus free spins
  • 5 scatter symbols are rewarded with 10 bonus free spins

Starting with the blue hero, this active symbol remains stacked on the first two columns. Meanwhile, the third, fourth, and fifth columns revolve around giant wilds, giant hero symbols, and reversal symbols.

If you get a reversal symbol, the next symbol up is activated on the hero track and gives you additional bonus free spins. Free spins can be restarted, offering you maximum winnings in the game – up to 1,000 times more than the stakes.

The Goldaur Guardians video slot has a theoretical RTP of 96.36%, but be careful because this is a slot of high variance, in which winnings are rarer, but when they happen they are quite large. The game is optimized for all devices, both desktop and tablet , and mobile phones.

For all slot lovers with interesting themes, take a look at the Video Slots game category and choose the one you like. Also, the slot has a demo version, so you can try it for free at your chosen online casino.



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