Golden Hook – an online game in which the goldfish brings a prize!

Online casino game Golden Hook comes from Crazy Toth Studios and casino game provider Microgaming. This online fishing-themed casino game puts players on the deck of a boat, and from there the fun can begin. Below we reveal everything about:

  • Themes and features of the game
  • Symbols
  • How to play and win
  • Bonus games

Fishing-themed slots are usual in online casinos, but this game provides a different experience. Many players whose passion is fishing will enjoy this game, but those who have not encountered this type of entertainment so far will also like it.

golden hook

As for the theme and design, you will see the deck of the boat where you sit and fish. A fishing rod is in front of you, and the ocean waters hide a lot of fish that you need to catch. From the red part of the meter, switch to blue, while throwing the bait into the water.

Online casino game Golden Hook comes with a fishing theme and bonuses!

When the fish is caught, you need to bring it in. Keep pushing the button that will bring that fish, and as long as you do that, the reward grows.

Be careful not to break your rope while trying to win a bigger prize, so as not to be left completely without a prize.

In Golden Hook, expect to find action with the theme of fishing, along with interesting mechanics that allow you to catch and wrap bigger and bigger prizes, although there are many risks that you can avoid if you stay too long.

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From random multipliers to bonus games where you collect prizes, there are some additional features you can explore in the Golden Hook slot.

The bets that will start the Golden Hook game will be only 0.20 coins per spin, and you can increase the stake to 40 coins per spin.

The Golden Hook slot can pay very well especially for a game of this type and volatility levels. The RTP is 96.75% and will be able to compete with the best fishing-themed slots currently available.

Enjoy the goldfish bonus game and win impressive prizes!

In the Golden Hook slot, it all starts with a fishing rod in front of you as you throw the rope into the water. The meter shown at the bottom will go from the red zone to the blue one as you do so. Catch the fish at that point and you will reach the green zone. The chances of this are 41%.

44 4

You can inflate the prize by holding the red button, but the longer you hold that button, the rope may break. If the rope breaks you lose the fish you have already caught. When you are satisfied with the catch, press the Collect button to collect the amount won.

At certain times, you can randomly get help in the form of a multiplier, increasing the wins to x10.

The nice thing is that there is a bonus game in the Golden Hook slot that you can start when you catch a goldfish.

This will include fishing for crabs that have x2 multipliers and regular rewards that come from the fish symbols you catch. When the timer expires, or you get a crab multiplier, the bonus ends.

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The online casino game Golden Hook is not a classic slot but is more like a chord game. All you see when you load the game is the deck of a fishing boat, along with a fishing rod and a boat wheel.

The game looks very good, has real animations and will appeal to all types of online casino players due to its great theme and interesting gameplay.

Don’t forget that the goldfish brings a special bonus prize, where multipliers of winnings are waiting for you.

The online casino game Golden Hook looks beautiful and unusual and is a new generation game that is optimized for all devices. Also, the game has a demo version so you can try it out for free at your online casino.

Play the Golden Hook game at your chosen online casino and make good profit with irresistible fun.



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