Hawaiian Fruits – a tropical casino game

The Hawaiian Fruits video slot comes from casino game maker Game Art, with a Tiki-style design and gorgeous graphics. This is the type of game that will make you want to go on vacation to a beautiful tropical place, surrounded by ancient statues and cute shrimp.

With an abundance of tropical fruits, the theme of the game is complete, especially with an interesting combination of functions. You will be especially pleased with the bonus round of free spins and multipliers.

Hawaiian Fruits
Hawaiian Fruits

In the so-called cluster system, which usually relies on 5 × 5 columns, and will occasionally get 7 × 7, this is a new slot of great variance. The theoretical RTP of the game is 96.08%, which is a shade above average. The slot has multipliers, so there is potential for big winnings.

The Hawaiian Fruits video slot takes you on an unforgettable journey to the tropical islands!

The Hawaiian Fruits slot has a Collapsing Reels feature, wild symbols that move, multipliers, as well as bonus free spins. For in-game bets, you simply have to use 40 coins and decide how much each one is worth.

In terms of theme and design, in the background of the game, you will see a picture of a Hawaiian beach with great graphics and a real tropical atmosphere.

You’ll see Tiki statues inviting you to head to a Hawaiian beach, which isn’t such a bad suggestion, is it?

Hawaiian Fruits
Online Casino Bonus

It is time to get acquainted with the symbols of the Hawaiian Fruits slot as well as their values.

The symbols you will see on the columns of this cheerful slot are six different types of tropical fruits, from pineapple to coconut. Next to them, there are also symbols with flowers and stars. Floral as well as star symbols have a slightly higher value.

As for the multipliers in this game, they can be very high, and in order for larger clusters, that is, a group of symbols, to fit into the area of ​​the game with 7 × 7 columns, we expect a decent payout potential. As we say, the RTP is slightly above average, with high volatility.

Your winnings in a cluster game, such as this one, will be formed when more than five adjacent symbols are connected, vertically or horizontally.

The result is an explosion, which removes the winning symbols so that others can fall into empty positions. By removing each winning symbol, the value in the Tiki meter increases.

Win bonus free spins and multipliers in the Hawaiian Fruits slot!

Once you hit a target and reach 6, 11 or 16 symbols filled with a Tiki meter, the game adds one wild symbol, up to a total of three.

If you manage to get 40 or more symbols in the winning clusters for the same round, the bonus free spins will be triggered.

Hawaiian Fruits
Hawaiian Fruits

As you continue to collect winning symbols, you can add more wild symbols, up to a total of six. The next three will come when you press 55, 85 or 145 collected symbols.

When wilds are added to columns, they will be used as a common substitute, which can be included in any winning cluster. With each new victory, the value of the multiplier increases by one.

In Hawaiian Fruits, you can get five bonus free spins by inserting 40 symbols into the Tiki meter. Here you get a larger game area, with 7 × 7 playing fields. The wild symbols now start from the multiplier x3.

Hawaiian Fruits is an online casino game that can be exciting to play, and your scores improve as more winning clusters are formed, even if you use the lower value symbols for it.

The Collapsing Reels feature helps you bring more winnings, the Tiki meter gives you all the features of the game, while multipliers are needed for players to make some decent winnings.

As you can conclude from this review, the Hawaiian Fruits video slot has an interesting theme, great graphics with the Collapsing Reels feature that helps better payout potentials.

When you add a bonus round of free spins, fun, but also earnings, you are guaranteed. It’s nice to know that the game is optimized for all devices, so you can play it wherever you are.

Play the Hawaiian Fruits video slot at your chosen online casino and have fun.



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