Heat Classic 5 – fruit trees that bring more

We present to you another irresistible slot adventure! Forget about bonus games, forget about special symbols, this is a game dominated by fruits! Fill the columns with the identical symbol and get the ultimate winnings.

Heat Classic 5 is a classic slot presented to us by the game producer Redstone. There are no unexpected things in this game. The game will especially appeal to fans of fruits. Put them together in an ideal winning combination and great fun is guaranteed.

Heat Classic 5-redstone-online casino bonus

So don’t wait, spin the columns of this slot right now.

In the continuation of the text, we have prepared a detailed review of the online slot Heat Classic 5, which follows in several theses:

  • Basic information
  • About Heat Classic 5 slot symbols
  • Design and sound effects

Basic information

Heat Classic 5 is an online slot that has three columns arranged in three rows and has five fixed paylines. To make any winnings you need to match three identical symbols on a payline.

It is also the only possible winning combination.

One win is paid out per payline. There is no physical possibility to connect multiple wins on a single payline. The sum of winnings is certainly possible if you achieve them on several paylines at the same time.

You will see nine symbols on the columns during each spin. If nine identical symbols appear on the columns, it is clear that the waist is on your side. You will then make winnings on all five paylines.

Heat Classic 5-online casino bonus-dobitak-šljiva-redstone

In the lower left corner under the columns there is a Balance field where you will see the remaining amount of money in your user account.

Right above it is the Stake field. Clicking on this field opens a menu in which you will see the available bet values per spin. Your task is to choose one of them.

There is also an Autoplay feature that you can activate whenever you want. Through this feature you can set up to 100 spins. You can also set limits on the maximum profit or loss.

If you like a more dynamic game, activate the fast spins by clicking on the field with the image of lightning.

You can adjust the sound effects by clicking on the button with the picture of the speaker.

About Heat Classic 5 slot symbols

When we talk about the symbols of this game, the four fruits have an identical paying value and belong to the symbols of the lowest paying power. These are: plum, lemon, orange and cherry. If you connect three of these symbols on a payline you will win seven times your stake.

Heat Classic 5-online casino bonus-šljiva-dobitak-redstone

Watermelon and pear bring the highest payout value among the fruit symbols. If you match three of these symbols on a payline you will win 15 times your stake.

When it comes to fruit symbols, you won’t see them again.

The next symbol in terms of payout value is a double gold bar engraved with Bar in big letters. If you connect three of these symbols in a winning combination you will win 20 times your stake.

Next comes another symbol represented in gold. It is a golden bell that brings magnificent winnings. If you connect three of these symbols in a winning combination, you will win 40 times your stake.

As in most classic slots, the most valuable game symbol is the red Lucky 7 symbol. In this game you will have an encounter with triple lucky week. When three of these symbols appear in a winning combination you will win 60 times your stake.

This means that if you match all nine Lucky 7 symbols on the columns you win 300 times your stake. Not bad, right?

The game features three powerful progressive jackpots: Gold, Platinum and Diamond. You can win these jackpots completely at random.

Design and sound effects

The columns of the Heat Classic 5 slot are placed on a dark background. You will enjoy when you get a win, because then the winning combination will be captured by the fire element.

Nice music is present all the time while you are having fun. The graphics of the game are excellent, and all symbols are shown in detail.

It’s time to spin the Heat Classic 5 slots!


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