Heavenly Win at Online Casino

Online Casino users have just started in the New Year! After the fairytale winnings for the New Year’s holidays, another big win happened a little less than a week after that. Stefan M. from Kikinda received 715,300 RSD that is equivalent to 6,085.88 Euros by playing one of the slots from the Age of the Gods series. It’s a game called Ruler of the Sky. No doubt, the heavenly gain has delighted the longtime user of online casino services.

No wonder this game delivers heavenly winnings because it has a large number of bonus games. From traditional free spins, complex wild symbols that can be spread over entire reels, to four shining progressive jackpots.

Ruler of the Sky – a game that brought Stefan a heavenly win

As it turned out, 2021 will be a barren year for online casino players. Nothing more beautiful than opening the New Year with a profit. January is the month when we all have big expenses, but it is also a month of new beginnings. And Stefan is obviously doing well this year. We met Stefan in Kikinda and talked to him about this win. You can find out whether it was the deciding factor of luck or Stefan’s skill if you read the rest of the text.

Hello, Stefan. Tell me, did you like the New Year’s gift you got through the online casino?

(Laughter) You’re still asking. I never dreamed that 2021 would start so nicely. Somehow the dice have come together this year on both a private and a business level. Everything started as it should, and then this gain happened. I couldn’t wish for anything better and just let it continue in this rhythm.

Heavenly win1
Heavenly slot for heavenly gain

Why did the choice fall on the Ruler of the Sky slot? Do you like games with ancient themes?

Among other things, yes. Ancient Greece, Rome, Norse mythology, such games have always attracted me. Not only games but also movies, novels, and even video games. I love that theme. But that’s just one of two important reasons why I chose this game.

Heavenly win2
Winning combination

And the second reason is…?

I play almost all the games from the Age of The Gods series. Exclusively because they have great jackpots. I won’t calm down until I take down one of these jackpots. I’ve seen jackpots reach millions. So here’s the next goal.

The road to a great figure was not easy

How did the course of the game go? How did you manage to reach this impressive figure?

In principle, everything happened very quickly. I had a nice amount in my account, which allowed me to place a big bet. I played the game for about an hour. I gained a little, then lost a little. Basically I was at zero. And then I decided to go for all or nothing. I set the bet to the maximum. However, in the first period, I also turned around with money. Only after that does the story begin of how I achieved heavenly gain.

After about 15 minutes of play, I got free spins. And then the magic happened, a lot of wilds appeared. Almost all the positions on the reels were filled with wilds. It connected my high fives on some 15 paylines. I received 750,000 RSD from my hand. I was shocked. I couldn’t believe it for about twenty minutes. Only after that did I manage to calm down and realize that I had won a lot of money.

Heavenly win
Free spins and wilds

Haven’t you had such big “scalps” before?

Not. On one occasion, I took about 200,000 RSD at the bookmaker, but I have not had this much luck at the online casino so far.

What would you say to the other players?

I wholeheartedly want their year to begin as it did for me. This beginning of the year would make everyone happy. I don’t think I have anything to add to that.

If you have not yet created an account at one of the great online casinos, now is the time to do so. Such gains are not just urban legends. On the contrary, they can happen to you.

Online Casino – the only place where even heavenly winnings are not far away.

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