Hitman – online action slot of powerful bonuses!

The Hitman video slot comes from casino game maker Microgaming and follows the story of Agent 47, on five reels and 15 paylines. The slot is based on hit video games and movie series. What will delight all players is that the slot abounds with exclusive bonuses. You will enjoy bonus games such as free spins, The Contract bonus and the Insignia pick’ em bonus feature. It’s time to load up your weapons and take action, as the maximum payout in this slot is 270,000 coins.


The slot setting is on five reels with 15 paylines, on which the deadly assortment of game symbols can be combined into winning combinations. There are also three different rounds of bonus games, so get ready for a good adventure.

As for the symbols that will greet you on the reels of the Hitman slot, there are silver pistols, a sniper rifle, a bottle with poison and a syringe, a knife and a skipping rope. Also, there is the symbol of Agent 47, who does what he knows best. When the symbols of the gun are obtained in the winning combination, such an event will lead to the assassin performing some animations in the style of video games.

The Hitman video slot is based on video games and movie series!

Players can help the slot protagonist pull out his targets and grab payouts in three exciting bonus rounds. The first of them is the “Agreement” bonus, which starts when the computer symbols with the inscription bonus appear on the third, fourth and fifth reels. This will start a mission in which players must select one target from the ICA HQ game screen, followed by their weapon of choice, with each selection revealing a different bonus value. Both values ​​will be multiplied together to determine the payment. In this game you can potentially win a maximum value of 270,000 coins.

Animation of wild symbols

The next bonus game that players can get is the Insignia, which is powered by three symbol symbols on reels 1, 2 and 3. Players have the opportunity to choose one of three symbols to discover the special value of the multiplier to be applied to the total bet placed on previous spin. Here, players can receive a prize of up to 6,000 coins.

We come to the bonus game of free spins, which is started with the help of three or more scatter symbols, which are represented by the number 18. Players will be rewarded with 18 bonus free spins. Also, bonus free spins come with multipliers x2 and the spins will spin with the same bets and lines that were in play when the bonus was activated.

Microgaming provider Hitman’s slot abounds with exclusive bonuses!

There is another interesting symbol in this online casino game, and that is Hitman himself. If you see a picture of Agent 47 on a white background on the front, then you should not be afraid for your life. Instead, you should be grateful, because this is a wild symbol that is expanding. Basically, the symbol will cover all three positions of the reels as it fills the winning combinations.

Online Casino Bonus

The wild symbol can replace symbols other than scatter and bonus symbols. The symbols that pay the most are other images of Agent 47, of which the most guessed is worth 4,000 times more than the stakes, when five of them appear on the payline. The other two images of Agent 47 are worth 2,000 times more than the stakes and 1,500 times more than the stakes. After that, the value is followed by the symbol of the envelope with money, which is worth 1,000 times more than the stakes. Then follow the symbols of the weapon, of which the symbol of the gun is of the greatest value.


In addition to all these possibilities, you can also play a gambling game in the Hitman slot, where you can double your winnings. So, after any winning combination, you can enter the game of gambling and guess the color of the next randomly selected card.

The Hitman slot is full of action and is a game for everyone who is looking for adrenaline and the theme of weapons with exclusive bonuses. With the ability to win 270,000 coins, Hitman represents a contract that is hard to refuse. You can try this great online casino game for free at your favorite online casino.

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