Hop n Pop – collect casino bonuses on a beautiful farm

For a moment, forget about the fast life that was imposed on us a long time ago. We will move to a farm where you will enjoy the beautiful views and landscapes that only the village can afford. You will have the opportunity to enjoy healthy food from your own garden.

Hop n Pop is a new video slot presented to us by the game manufacturer Hacksaw Gaming. Irresistible wilds are waiting for you, great multipliers that can go up to x64, but also free spins that you will not be able to resist. The maximum payout is 12,500 times the deposit.

Hop n Pop
Hop n Pop

Take a few minutes of your free time to read the overview of the Hop n Pop slot that follows below. We have divided the review of this online casino game for you into several points:

  • Basic information
  • Hop n Pop slot symbols
  • Bonus games
  • Graphics and sounds

Basic information

Hop n Pop is a game in which you will not find classic paylines. The game has seven columns arranged in seven rows. All you need to make a profit is to combine at least five symbols in a set.

These sets can be connected in all directions. You don’t just win here from left to right or right to left. Meetings can be realized in all four directions.

Also, the great thing is that you can make several gains at the same time. If you have five or more connected symbols in two or more places,  multiple wins await you.

Next to the Bet key are two arrows that will help you set the value of your bet. The autoplay function is available and you can activate it at any time.

Also, in the settings, you can activate fast spins which will make the game much more dynamic.

Hop n Pop slot symbols

The basic symbols in this game are divided into two groups. Among the symbols of the lowest payout, you will see grapes, blue tomatoes and carrots. 15 or more of these symbols in the payline will bring you 20 times more than the stakes.

The next four symbols have the same payout value. These are bananas, strawberries, cherry and apples. 15 or more of these symbols connected in a set will bring you 60 times more than the stakes.

Bonus games

This slot has cascading columns. Whenever you make a win, all the symbols that took part in it will disappear from the columns and new ones will appear in their place, in the hope that the winning streak will continue.

Also in the basic game and in bonus games, multipliers appear on some of the symbols.

During the basic game, you get one multiplier x2 in each spin. If that multiplier is in the winning combination then its value in the next spin will increase to x4, or you will get two multipliers with a value of x2. With the first non-winning spin, the value of the multiplier returns to x2.

The scatter symbol is represented by the Sun. Three or more of these symbols on the columns will bring you free spins.

Hop n Pop

Free spins are distributed as follows:

  • Three scatters yield 10 free spins with one multiplier having a value of x2
  • Four scatters bring 10 free spins with two multipliers that have a value of x2
  • Five scatters yield 10 free spins with four multipliers with a starting value of x4

With each gain, the value of the multiplier is doubled. Even after a non-winning spin, the value of the multiplier does not return to the initial value in free spins. The maximum value of the multiplier is x64.

Hop n Pop
Free spins

The multiplier must be part of the winning combination in order for your winnings to multiply.

During the free spins, orange wild symbols also appear. The Wilds change all the symbols except the scatter, and help them create winning combinations.

Hop n Pop

There is an option to buy free spins if you are not lucky enough to make them in the basic game. This will cost you 100, 200 or 400 times more than the stakes depending on the number and value of the multiplier.

Through free spins, it is easier to reach the maximum payout, which is 12,500 times higher than the stakes!

Graphics and sounds

The columns of the Hop n Pop slot are placed on a beautiful farm where you will see houses with auxiliary buildings. Flowers are scattered on the meadow. A beautiful and sunny day is shown but when you activate the free spins it gets dark.

Pleasant sound effects are waiting for you all the time as you spin the columns of this slot.

Hop n Pop – a farm brings FANTASTIC CASINO BONUSES!



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