Hot as Hades – video slot adventure worthy of the gods!

Can you withstand the heat of the underworld? The incendiary video slot Hot as Hades by game maker Microgaming is inspired by Greek mythology and the scariest place in the world – Hades. But don’t worry, Microgaming has made the underworld look harmless, with 3D animation that couldn’t scare even a small child! This video slot has a lot of interesting characters like Medusa, Kerber, Poseidon and Zeus who are watching you curiously from the reels. But this slot also has an interesting plot and several tempting features. Let’s begin!

The Hot as Hades video slot is configured on five reels in three rows and has 20 paylines and five game levels. Let’s get acquainted with the symbols!

Hot as Hades slot symbols

The lower value symbols of this slot are the standard card symbols A, J, Q, K and 10, which pay up to 500 coins if you collect five of them. On the other hand, symbols of higher value are some of the characters, such as Medusa and Kerber, who pay up to 1,000 coins if you collect five of them. There are also Poseidon and Hades, who pay 2,000 and 2,500 for the same five!

Hot as Hades, Microgaming Online Casino Bonus
Hot as Hades slot symbols

The Hot as Hades logo represents the wild symbol of the game, and when found in the winning combination, it doubles the winnings. The wild symbol also replaces regular symbols and create winning combinations with them. Even if it makes its own winnings, the payout is usually great. Five of the same symbols on the reels will increase your bet to 2000 times!

Increase your bet up to 2,000 times with Super Mode Free Spins!

This interesting video slot adventure has a feature that runs randomly after any unwanted spin. This feature allows you to win five free spins during which three wild symbols remain on the reels for the duration of the same. Any winning combination containing wild symbols is multiplied by two. This means that within this function you can multiply your bet as much as 2,000 times!

The special symbol of the game is a scatter symbol, which is represented by a crystal skull with bull horns. It is also the only symbol that pays anywhere on the reels. You can increase your stake to up to 500 times to collect these symbols. When you collect three or more of these symbols on the reels, the slot will open the Quest Bonus Feature.

The Quest Bonus takes you on a journey to the Royal Treasury!

The goal of the Quest for the Crystal Helm function is to restore the crystal skull guarded by Hades’ relatives. This search begins with your removal from Hades, on the way to the hall of Zeus. How to recover a crystal skull? Hitting objects on each level. And there are 5 levels, so you have to be persistent. Kerber, who will be your faithful companion, will come to your aid.

Five levels of Quest for the Crystal Helm

On the first level you come to the pillars where the vases are. You choose one of five and win a certain bonus. Then a bridge is created over the sea, which you cross and go to Medusa!

Quest Bonus, Microgaming, Online Casino Bonus
First level

You will start the second level of this function when you find yourself in front of five blue doors. Choose one of the five and avoid meeting Medusa. Of course, you will be rewarded at this level as well.

Quest Bonus, Microgaming, Online Casino Bonus
Second level

The third level is guarded by Poseidon which will block your way when you find yourself on the high seas. Choose one of the five shells and Poseidon will let you pass. Beware, these shells also hide symbols that can interrupt your search for a crystal skull.

Quest Bonus, Microgaming, Online Casino Bonus
Third level

On the fourth level of this bonus, you will meet Zeus with his head and beard. All you have to do is choose one of the five. And here you will have to be careful, because there are symbols whose task is to prevent you from regaining the crystal skull.

Quest Bonus, Microgaming, Online Casino Bonus, Hot as Hades
Fourth level

The fifth and the last level of the bonus game Quest for the Crystal Helm takes you to the royal treasury full of treasures, with Five treasure chests. Your task is to find the crystal skull. You will have two attempts for this. Embark on an adventure and let luck be on your side!

Quest Bonus, Microgaming, Online Casino Bonus, Hot as Hades
Fifth level – find the skull!

Bring your gear, take your three-headed pet, Kerber, and embark on a fiery adventure as you try to avoid the terrible jellyfish gaze, the wrath of the god Poseidon and the supreme god Zeus in search of the crystal helmet. You can play this cheerful version of the highway to hell in the form of the Hot as Hades slot on your mobile devices, but also on your tablet. What are you waiting for? Direction Had!

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