Icy Gems – go in search of precious stones!

The search for treasure has always been one of the most interesting topics and inspiration for many works, books, movies, series but also casino games. Now, with the help of the great slot Icy Gems, a prominent Microgaming provider, you will have the opportunity to have a good time looking for the treasure. Precious stones, in addition to excellent conduct, it is also bring incredible earnings. Therefore, let the search begin!

Icy Gems
Icy Gems

Symbols of Diamonds, Rubies, Amethysts, Emeralds, many valuables in this fantastic slot are waiting for you on a blue background covered with snowflakes! Best of all, the excitement in the game is brought by the functions: Symbol Storage, Re-spin and Superspin!

Icy Gems – fill the warehouse with jewels!

The symbols in the slot consist of the symbols of cards A, Q, J, K of lower value, which compensate for this by frequent appearances. Symbols of greater value are gems of different colours and shapes. The golden Wild symbol changes all the symbols and only it cannot be collected in the symbol store and the logo is the highest paid symbol. The five symbols of the game’s logo can bring a payout of up to 50 times the stakes. The slot configuration is classic, on five reels in three rows and with 20 paylines.

Icy Gems
Icy Gems

To the right of this great slot are the commands that introduce players to the game. You can set the desired stake and press Start to start reels. There is also the Autoplay button that allows you to automatically spin spins a certain number of reps. If you want to adjust the sound, you have the option to increase or decrease it.

Icy Gems - Online Casino Bonus

Unique and therefore tempting, is that the Icy Gems slot has a symbol store on the left. Wondering what it is for? It serves to win significant gains. Here is how it works. When matching symbols are obtained, they are transferred to the warehouse on the left. The winning symbols are retained in the warehouse and the Re-spin and Superspin functions are activated. Symbols from the repository cannot be moved during the Re-spin function.

Input functions!

If there is still space in the symbol store, players will be rewarded with a Re-spin function which can help win the desired symbols. The Re-spin function ends when there is no more space in the symbol store or when there are no more winning combinations.

The Superspin function is activated after three consecutive respins and brings phenomenal gains! There are three phases in Superspin:

  • Silver
  • Gold
  • The phase of a large gain.
Icy Gems
Online Casino Bonus

What is needed for these phases?

If you collect three different symbols, you start the Silver phase, if two symbols in the warehouse are identical, you start the Gold phase and three identical symbols give a dizzyingly big gain! During Super spin, only symbols from the symbol storage blocks are in play. All Superspin winnings are added to the total winnings.

Have fun with the unique Icy Gems slot, collect valuable symbols in the warehouse and win significant winnings. The game has a demo version, so you can try it out before investing real money. Theoretically, the RTP (return to player percentage) is 96.03%.

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