Instant Keno is the perfect blend of numbers and casinos

We all played Keno sometimes, sometimes through a user account, sometimes in a bookmaker. Some had more, some less successful. But did you ever want to cut short the time until the next draw? Finally, we have a solution to this problem. Instant Keno brings you fast numbers. Start the draw when you want and the numbers will be drawn within a few seconds. Sounds interesting? This phenomenon is being introduced to the world of online casinos by the game manufacturer Expanse Studios. Instant Keno is the perfect blend of Ken and online casinos. If you want to know what it is about in detail, do not miss the rest of the text.

This is one of those casino games that we cannot put into any category. That is why it is especially specific. You can run Instant Keno yourself. You do not have to wait five minutes for a new draw.

Instant Keno – guess as many numbers as possible

There are 80 numbers in the drum (from one to 80) and 20 numbers are drawn in each draw. The object of the game is to hit as many numbers as possible in your combination. You can play a combination of two to as many as 10 numbers. The best thing is that you do not have to guess all the numbers to make some winnings. You can look at the table with the necessary goals at any time to make some profit.

Instant Keno
Instant Keno

Want to play multiple combinations at once? No problem! Instant Keno allows you to play six combinations per draw! You have not tried this game yet! The next few things will delight you.

Instant Keno combines the best of the various games you have seen in bookmakers. With one, you like one thing with another, but none had it all. This is the first time you can play whatever you imagine.

The numbers are divided into four colours:

  • The first 20 numbers (1 to 20) are presented in yellow
  • The next 20 numbers (from 21 to 40) are presented in red
  • The next 20 numbers (41 to 60) are represented in green
  • The last 20 numbers (from 61 to 80) are presented in blue

You can also bet on the colour of the first issue! The odds are great! You will get 3.2 times more than your bet if you hit the colour of the first number. You can also place your bets on whether the first number drawn will be greater than or less than 40.5. Of course, the odds are a bit lower but for who likes safer bets, this is the right thing for him.

Instant Keno
Online Casino Bonus

You can also place your bet on whether the first number drawn will be even or odd. Another special bet awaits you. You can also play on whether the sum of the first five drawn numbers will be greater or less than 202.5.

Win 10,000 times more!

If you play two numbers and guess both the winning odds are seven! On four-hit numbers combined with four numbers, the odds are even higher 25! A real treat will happen if you play a combination of 10 numbers. If you hit all 10 numbers in the winning combination you will win 10,000 times more! 10,000 reasons to try Instant Keno!

Instant Keno
Win 10,000 times more

Even if you do not like to dial numbers yourself, if you like a random selection, we have a solution for that as well. Clicking the Random button will select random numbers for you. It is up to you to indicate whether you want a combination of two, three, four or more numbers, add them to the ticket and start the draw!

But the fun does not end here either, because Instant Keno also brings multipliers! Multipliers are applied to each circuit separately. If you are lucky, your winning combination can be processed by a multiplier of two! You will win twice as much as you expected!

When it comes to game design it is simply perfect. You will see a red curtain under the game panel so this game can remind you of the stage. To make things even better, the music fits in perfectly and whenever you make a slightly bigger profit, you hear applause.

If you like keno and casino there is no need to give up one or the other. Try Instant Keno – the perfect blend of Keno and casino!


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