Kitty Cabana – the cunning of a cat brings great gains!

The game maker Microgaming presents to you the Kitty Cabana video slot. The game that uses cats as the main stars and central characters of the game. So if you are a fan of cats, then this will be a great slot for you! The game theme is inspired by cats, so sit in a comfortable armchair and enjoy!

Kitty Cabana, Online Casino Bonus
Kitty Cabana

This interesting game is set on five reels in three rows and has 25 paylines. The game is all about cats, and this time the cats are represented in the house, but they are the masters of that house, they practically occupied it. In order to achieve any winning combination, you need to connect at least three of the same symbols on the payline. The symbols pay exclusively from left to right, starting from the first snout on the left. The only symbol that pays independently of paylines is the scatter symbol. If you have more than one winning combination on the payline, only the one with the highest value will be paid out.

Kitty Cabana: Cats also dominate as symbols

The symbols of the smallest value are the classic card symbols from J to A. All the card symbols have different values, the five symbols J on the payline brings you twice as many bets, while five symbols A brings you five times more than your bet.

We will now introduce you to five cats that are symbols of slightly higher pay. We have a cat knitting, a cat reading, a cat waiter, a cat with a cocktail and a cat with a glass of wine. A knitting cat gives six times more for five symbols on the payline, a reading cat gives eight, and a waiter cat 12 times more than the stakes. As for cats, as expected, cats that enjoy are the two most valuable symbols. A cat with a cocktail gives 16, and a cat with a glass of wine 18 times more than your bet for five symbols on the payline.

Kitty Cabana: Wilds appear randomly during a certain unprofitable spin

The wild symbol is represented by the logo of the game and bears the inscription Kitty Cabana. It replaces all the symbols and helps them form winning combinations. Five wildcards on the payline bring you 20 times more than your stake. They can also appear randomly during any unprofitable spin in the basic game. Then the three wild symbols will be arranged in positions on your reels and help you form a winning combination.

Free spins carry multipliers and five different wildcards

Three or more scatter symbols will activate the free spins feature. Then you will be shown a house on two floors, on each floor five doors. On the ground floor you open one door and then choose one of the special symbols: Super Stacked Wilds, Expanding Wilds, Wild Reels, Split Wilds and Frozen Wilds. We will now talk about each one individually:

Kitty Cabana2
Free spins, online casino bonus
  • Super Stacked Wilds: This type of wild appears exclusively on the second and fourth reels as a complex wild.
  • Expanding Wilds: They appear on all reels as complex wildcards and help you form winning combinations.
  • Wild Reels: Reels one and five during this function are turned into complex and are full of wilds.
  • Split Wilds: The Wild is divided into two wildcards and thus helps you to form more winning combinations. If five more wilds show up during one spin, they will pay you double the winnings.
  • Frozen Wilds: When a frozen wild appears, it expands to the entire reel and stays there until the end of the free spin function.

Five scatters bring 100 times more than the stakes!

There are five doors on the first floor that will assign you multipliers, whilst the five doors on the second floor will give you a certain number of free spins. You can only open one door on each floor. Scatter is the only symbol that pays for two symbols on the reels, and if you get five scatter symbols, you win 100 times more than the stakes!

Online casino bonus, Kitty Cabana
Online Casino Bonus

The graphics are very nice and the whole slot is done as if you were in a cartoon. The soundtracks are pretty standard. They only increase during winning combinations and bonus functions.

Kitty Cabana – let the cat’s cunning help you reach a great win!

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