Kongo Bongo – online casino game of unusual adventures

An unusual monkey in the Kongo Bongo slot, created by the collaboration of casino game providers Microgaming and Tom Horn, takes you on an exciting adventure through the jungle.

This online casino game is a crazy and cute slot adventure. The jungle is home to cute little monkeys, and the monkey we’ll introduce to you a little later is in a really good mood.

Kongo Bongo
Kongo Bongo

When we talk about the game itself, it is quite simple and there are not many complications. Everything will be clear to you at the very beginning. The game Kongo Bongo has three columns that are arranged in one row. So, only three symbols will be constantly displayed on the screen, and yours is just to put them together in a winning combination.

The monkey is the main star of the Kongo Bongo slot

The crazy monkey will help you form winning combinations. The monkey is above the columns and is dressed like a movie star. He wears purple sunglasses that fit him perfectly with the purple shirt he is wearing.

In addition, he wears a thick gold chain around his neck, which shines. On the chain itself, there is a pendant with the sign B, which is associated with his name – Bongo.

The protagonist of the game is constantly climbing the vine and hanging from it, bringing you fun. When you spin the columns of the slot, they will constantly say support messages that come out in the form of bubbles.

You’ll feel like you’re reading a good comic. But with comics, you can just relax and enjoy. Well, here, in addition to enjoying and relaxing, you have a great chance to earn something.

Kongo Bongo
Messages in the bubble above the slot

The game has only seven symbols. These are triple bar symbols, double bar symbols, and classic bar symbols. So much for bar symbols. Besides them, there are also bananas, which are a favorite dish of monkeys.

Then follows the symbol of the sweet African tambourine as well as the Lucky 7 symbols, but also the golden star which is the highest paid symbol of this slot. What is your job? Well, nothing easier, yours is just to put together three of the same symbols and the winnings will not be missed.

The triple bar symbol will offer you 10 times more than the stakes for three of the same symbols. Quite a decent salary, and just to note, this is a symbol of the least paying power.

It is followed by a double bar symbol. He, logically, offers you twice the reward, so 20 times more. Classic bar symbols yield 30 times more than the stakes for three symbols in a row in the unusual Kongo Bongo slot.

Kongo Bongo
Online Casino Bonus

Three bananas on slot columns will bring you 50 times more than your stake. African tambourines are the next symbols in terms of purchasing power and they will pay you 100 times more for the three symbols on the columns.

At the very end, we left a treat for you, the two most valuable symbols!

Win 500 times more in the Kongo Bongo slot!

The Lucky 7 symbol brings 200 times more for three symbols on the payline, while the most valuable symbol, the gold star, brings as much as 500 times more than the stakes!

This online casino game is easy and simple to play. On the right side of the game are commands for setting bets and starting the game. You can change your s by clicking the blue Beth button. Select the appropriate bet and let the columns spin.

In addition, this game also has an Autoplay option. How to activate it? Nothing simpler, just click on the Spin button and hold it. After that, an Autoplay of 100 spins will be activated, and you can cancel them at any time.

The music in the Kongo Bongo slot is great and you will hear African tambourines all the time as you spin. The monkey constantly giggles and makes funny noises. The graphics in the slot are great, the symbols are done to the smallest detail, and behind the columns, you will see a beautiful sunny day in the jungle.

The Kongo Bongo slot is a game of great variability, and theoretically, RTP is 96.07%, which is a shade above average. The game has a demo version so you can try it for free.

Play the Kongo Bongo slot at your chosen online casino and let the cute monkey help you get a crazy win!


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