Legendary Sumo – an exciting online casino skirmish!

The latest video slot of the online casino game provider Endorphina takes us directly to the arena, where competition in the ancient Japanese sport, sumo wrestling, takes place. Legendary Sumo is a video slot, which introduces us to the world of wrestling in an interesting way, known even before the new era, and provides an opportunity to win casino bonuses. This is the game with a bonus round in which free spins are won and five sumo jokers compete in winning the privilege to help you get better payouts. Read the Legendary Sumo video slot preview below and get ready for another casino adventure.

Meet sumo wrestlers in the Legendary Sumo video slot

The online casino slot Legendary Sumo is set up in a competition arena surrounded by pagodas, traditional ritual buildings. The soundtrack of the slot corresponds to the night atmosphere, because the columns of the slot rotate silently, and you can hear only owls in the background. The slot board consists of five columns in three rows, and the basic and special symbols alternate on it.

Legendary Sumo
Legendary Sumo layout

The first group of Legendary Sumo slot symbols includes the classic card symbols 10, J, Q, K and A, of different colors and values, which are joined by five sumo wrestlers. All these symbols should be arranged in combinations, from left to right in columns, starting from the first column to the left, in order to provide a win. Symbol combinations should also be found on one of the 21 paylines to ensure winnings. The paylines are adjustable, so you can change them, and if more than one winning combination is found on one payline, only the most valuable one will be paid to you.

The Wild, the first symbol from the special group, who is represented by a red and gold dragon, will help you create winning combinations. This is not a payment symbol, but by replacing the basic symbols on the game board, it will build winning combinations with them and provide winnings. The only symbol that the joker cannot replace is the scatter, another special symbol.

Legendary Sumo
3 scatter symbols

Play 50 or more free spins with sticky Wilds

Scatter is also not a payment symbol, but for at least three of the same, it will send you to the bonus game anywhere on the board, regardless of the paylines. Depending on the number of scatter symbols collected, the number of free spins won varies:

  • Three scatter symbols give 10 free spins
  • Four scatter symbols award 20 free spins
  • Five scatter symbols provide 50 free spins

No matter how many free spins you get, the bonus game offers an extension of the game, because scatter symbols also appear in it. One more thing: sumo wrestlers from the base game have a little competition in the bonus game, so they are ranked accordingly. Preference will be given to the wrestler with a blue background, then the one with green, then purple, then orange and finally red.

Why does this matter? After each free spin, the strongest wrestler is determined by how many specimens he has on the columns. When the numbers of two players match, a fight takes place, after which the wrestler who has the advantage wins.

Legendary Sumo
Bonus game with sticky wilds

The winning sumo wrestler and all its copies in that spin get a gold trophy and turn into sticky Wilds. These symbols will remain on the game board for one spin, and if the same symbol appears at that place of the trophy, it becomes a joker. In addition, all winnings in the bonus game with free spins will be worth twice as much.

Use gambling for twice the winnings

The Legendary Sumo video slot also has an option to increase winnings in the base and bonus games. Gambling or Gamble is a bonus option that is available after any spin in the base game or after a bonus game has been played. Once you run it, you will find one uncovered and four hidden cards, and the goal is to hit one with a higher value than the uncovered card. If you succeed in this guess, the value of your stake is doubled and you can continue gambling or return to the base game with your winnings doubled.

Legendary Sumo4
Gambling feature

After the Satsumos Revenge and Super Sumo video slots, Endorphina also prepared its sumo video slot as well, which is not far behind its “colleagues”. This is a slot of solid graphics, with several ways to win, which include free spins with five sticky Wilds and twice as good bonuses, and there is also a gambling bonus game, for twice as good winnings. Try this video slot at your favorite online casino and enjoy spinning.