Legioner – excitement and casino bonuses!

The online casino game provider Mascot takes us back to ancient Rome with the video slot Legioner, the era of the bravest fighters who measured their strength in arenas.

Continue more about the slot itself by reading this text, where information on:

  • The details of the slot, how many paylines it owns and how to win
  • All about the symbols – which are, which bring instant payments, and which have bonus functions
  • All about the wilds of which there are several
  • How to get a bonus game with free spins and a fourth special symbol

Unlike the Tiger’s Glory video slot, which you had the opportunity to read about on our portal, gladiators will not fight tigers, but each other.

The theme remains the same, if you watched one of the movies celebrating gladiators, like Gladiator or Spartacus, you know what awaits you.

Add to this four types of wilds and a bonus game where you can win 10 or more free spins, and we get an exciting Legioner video slot!

Welcome to the gladiator show!

The action of the Legioner slot takes place in a sleeping camp over which darkness falls, which is broken only by the campfire.

In the background we see forest vegetation covered by fog and one recognizable, richly decorated helmet. On a transparent game board, with five columns in three rows, there are two groups of symbols.

The first group of symbols consists of the classic card symbols 9, 10, J, Q, K and A, and these are the symbols of the lowest value. They are joined by the symbols of two gladiators and one girl, which make symbols of somewhat greater value.

The second group of symbols includes special symbols – wilds and scatter symbols.


The symbol in charge of introducing the four wilds is the symbol of a gladiator with a helmet on his head. This is a symbol that appears in both the basic and bonus games, and only in the center columns.

This gladiator has a special role – every time he appears on the game board, he will turn into one of the four wilds! Three wilds appear in the base game, while the last one is reserved for the bonus game.

Meet the powerful wilds of the Legioner slot

The purple flag symbol with the inscription Traiana Forts is the first wild in this group of symbols. It is a regular wild, which means that it replaces all the basic symbols and builds winning combinations with them.

However, this symbol comes with a multiplier of x2! It has the opportunity to increase his profit in combination with other wilds, but also independently. This wild only appears in the basic game.

aaa 44

The blue flag with the inscription SPQR is the second wild of the Legioner slot, which appears in both the basic and bonus games.

This is a classic wild, but with one difference – it appears in a slightly different edition, as an expanding wild!

When it appears on one playing field, it will spread to the entire column, occupying all three rows.

In addition, this wild comes with a multiplier of x1 in the base game, and in the bonus game it carries a multiplier of x2!

aaaaa 25

The third wild of the Legioner slot is better, because in addition to all of the above, including the expanded edition and multipliers, it brings respins within which it becomes a sticky wild!

Each time it appears on the board, this symbol will expand in its column, bring the multipliers x1 or x2 and assign you a respin!

Respins will occur every time a red flag symbol with the inscription LEG III lands in the columns.

The brown flag with the inscription LEG XX is a wild that will only appear in the bonus game. It acts like a regular wild, replacing the basic symbols. Plus, every time a brown wild shows up, it will reward you with an extra free spin!

Win 10 or more free spins and try out the fourth wild symbol

Let’s move on to the last special symbol of the Legioner slot in this long series.

It is a scatter symbol, represented by crossed daggers. In addition to providing you with cash winnings, this symbol also has the power to launch a bonus game.

Collect three, four or five of these symbols and you will get 5, 7 or 10 free spins!

This number of spins can also increase if you re-collect at least three scatter symbols.

aaaa 41

The online casino slot Legioner comes with 25 paylines within which to combine combinations of symbols. In addition, in order for the combination to be successful, it is necessary to arrange the symbols from left to right in columns, starting from the first column on the left.

Now that we have introduced you to the functions and rules of the Legioner slot, you can head to your favorite online casino and find this exciting game.

Try four wilds that bring respins and multipliers, and in the bonus game, additional free spins!


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