Loaded gives you the rich bonuses of Los Angeles in the palm of your hand!

The idea of ​​the slot is visible from the title – wealth in all its forms! Microgaming brings us a game that will inspire you to take matters into your own hands and fill your pockets! Loaded will give you a chance to do just that pick up the money and wipe it out!

The Loaded video slot consists of a standard five reels in three rows and twenty paylines. It looks very simple, which only shows us that this is one of Microgaming’s earlier works, which was made to listen to the wishes of the players and pay off nice winnings. The background is inspired by the sunset with palm trees whose silhouettes can be seen. Let us move on to the slot symbols.

Loaded represents a rich hip hop music industry

It can be said that the slot also deals with the music industry, specifically rap music because we can see some of the symbols characteristic of the hip hop way of life. So we meet a gramophone, a music trophy, an expensive car, a yacht and a magnificent hotel. In addition, here we meet some characters from the business itself. There are five of them, two men, who represent symbols of medium value and three women, who represent symbols of great value. Symbols pay exclusively from left to right, from the far left. If there are multiple winnings on the payline, only the hottest value is paid out.

Slot symbols

However, another symbol stands out here. It is the most valuable symbol that offers a magnification of 280 times for the same five on the payline! Yes, we are talking about the Wild, marked here as Triple 7! However, you know that this cannot be the only function of the Wild. It changes the regular symbols and builds winning combinations with them and when he participates in a win, it will increase that win three times! It is important to say that it cannot replace only the Scatter symbol.

Free Spins Selection – choose your ideal combination

When it comes to the Scatter symbol, it is represented by the hand that forms the famous greeting of the West Coast rapper, the West Coast benchmark of the United States. This is a symbol that pays five times more than the stakes for the same five! However, it is not a special symbol but because it opens the possibility of bigger winnings through the game Free Spins Selection. All you have to do is collect three, four or five of these symbols and you will be able to choose:

  • You get 12 free spins where the winnings will be quadrupled,
  • 16 free spins and a multiplier of three,
  • 24 free spins and multiplier two!
Choose wisely

Free spins cannot be restarted during the Free Spins feature itself but you can run it when you have spent the first round of free spins.

Another well-known bonus game appears to us within the Loaded slot. It is a Gamble game. It is possible to start the game after each win and thus increase your winnings two or four times. If you enter the game, choose the colour of the next card drawn, if you guess, you double the bet. However, if you hit the sign of the card, you increase the bet four times!

Gamble, gambling

Find out what it is like to spend time in Los Angeles, visit California’s largest city and get to know the rich hip hop culture. As you are being offered a rich payout, it is not okay to turn down this offer! Play Loaded in your favourite online casino and enjoy the luxury that this great video slot will bring.

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