Lost Vegas – casino apocalypse in a new video slot!

You are caught in the middle of a zombie apocalypse, what are you doing? Do you face zombies and protect the human race from dying or do you save a living by playing on their side? Decide where you are in the Lost Vegas video slot, the popular online casino game provider Microgaming. If you enjoyed the Lost Vegas Zombies Scratch video slot, in which zombies took over the world, there is no reason not to like Lost Vegas, in which you will still have the opportunity to save the human race!

The apocalypse has arrived in casinos – Lost Vegas!

This apocalyptic slot comes to us from the standard five reels in three rows and has as many as 243 ways to make a profit. Winnings are paid out exclusively from left to right, starting with the first reel on the left. If you have more than one winning combination on one payline, only the highest value will be paid out.

So, the title of the Lost Vegas video slot represents a play on words in English and represents, in fact, Las Vegas which, unfortunately, was swallowed by the zombie apocalypse. So, in the background, you can see an abandoned casino where the anti-heroes of this story, zombies are hiding. Some of the slot symbols are represented by heroes fighting zombies represented by colourful characters, each with their weapons. There are also classic card symbols that will fill the reels and they are symbols of lower value. They are represented by the symbols A, K, Q, J and the number 10.

The reel symbol of the Lost Vegas video slot is represented by the slot logo, which replaces regular symbols and building winnings with them, it can also create winnings from its symbols.

When you find yourself in a video slot, it is necessary to decide on the side – Survivors vs Zombies but do not worry, you can change the sides during the game as well. These are, at the same time, two different game modes that differ in the Free Spins bonus game. So let us start with this bonus game.

Lost Vegas
Choose your page!

Save the human race or take part in its destruction!

First of all, let us note that this bonus game is triggered by Scatter symbols in the form of a warning sign for biological danger. Collect at least three of these symbols and you will open a Free Spins bonus game.

If you run it within the first game mode, Survivors, for each symbol of the heroes on the reels you will get a random gain and they will be removed from the reels. However, they will be replaced by the symbols above them and we call that Stash Feature. If you make a winning combination after these symbols are removed, you will win again! This function continues as long as you have the symbols of the people on the reels.

Lost Vegas
Free Spins bonus game – Survivors

However, if you opt for the Zombies game mode, you will store zombies that have the power to infect the entire realm with their symbol. Every Wild that appears on the reels turns into a warehouse of Wilds! The game continues until the zombies infect all the reels. If you reach 50 free spins in this bonus game, you will receive a bonus and then the bonus game ends.

Lost Vegas
Free Spins bonus game – Zombies

Random features that give great winnings!

However, this is not the end! Lost Vegas also has two functions that can be activated randomly after each unwanted spin:

The first is Zombie Fist of Cash and it can assign you a multiplier whose value goes up to 20! This means that if you activate this function, your bet on that spin will be multiplied by a multiplier of 20!

Lost Vegas
Zombie Fist of Cash

The second function is called the Blackout Bonus and it assigns a multiplier of up to 5 for each symbol except special and card symbols. Plus, if you get a Scatter symbol during this feature, it will be enough to open a Free Spins bonus game!

Lost Vegas
Blackout Bonus

Embark on playing this fantastic slot game and find out who will win this fight! Whichever side you find yourself on, be sure to make great money but play by your conscience!

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