Maaax Diamonds – diamonds that bring much more!

Maaax Diamonds is a classic slot game from the game maker Gamomat, which will probably be at the top of the lists of fans of classic slots fans! The game may not have as many special features but it can surely deliver you really great winnings. The game maker has managed to include fruit trees with two gambling features just to help increase your winnings. Read through to know this game and play at your online casino!

Maaax Diamonds, Online Casino Bonus, Gamomat
Maaax Diamonds

Maaax Diamonds is a classic slot that has five reels in three rows and 10 adjustable paylines. You can choose whether you want to play on five or ten paylines. All payout combinations are counted exclusively from left to right, starting from the first reel on the left. To make any winnings you need three matching symbols on the payline.

You can only make one win on one payline, so if you have more than one, you will be paid the highest payout win. The sum of winnings is possible if they are realized on different payment lines.

Basic functions of the Maaax Diamonds slot

The plus and minus options on the Bet key allow you to adjust the value of the stakes. The Maxbet button will serve players who like big stakes. Clicking this button automatically places the highest possible bet per spin.

The symbols of the lowest payout value are three well-known fruits: orange, lemon and cherry. These five payline symbols will bring you 10 times more than your stake. The fruits that have the highest paying power are watermelon and grapes. These five-in-a-row symbols will offer a payout 25 times your stake.

There are also three symbols of high paying power. These include double bar symbols and the golden bell symbol, which all have the same payout value. Four of the same symbols in the payline yield 10 times more than the stake, while five of these symbols yield 50 times more than the stakes!

Win 250 times more with Maaax Diamonds

The symbol of the highest payout value is the red Lucky 7 symbol. If you are a fan of classic slots, you know that this symbol is one of the highest paid in most of these games. Four of these symbols in a row will bring you 50 times more money than the stakes, while five symbols will bring you 250 times more!

The Wilds are spreading all over the reels

Still, the symbol that can significantly increase your winnings is the diamond! Which is also the wild symbol of the slot and it changes all other symbols and helps them form winning combinations. This symbol appears exclusively on the reels two, three and four. When it becomes part of the winning combination, it will spread throughout the whole reel. This feature can significantly increase your winnings.

Gamomat, Maaax Diamonds, Online Casino Bonus, Jokers
The wilds are spreading all over the reels

Double your winnings

In addition, this game has two gambling functions. The first is classic gambling, in which you guess whether the next card drawn from the deck will be black or red.

Maaax Diamonds, Online Casino Bonus, Gambling
Classic gambling black or red

Another type of gambling is ladder gambling. You will see a light bar that will go from a smaller to a larger number on the scale. It’s yours just to stop it while it’s at a higher figure.

Gambling with ladders, Online Casino Bonus, Gamomat
Gambling with ladders


The specificity of this game is that you can choose to keep half of the winnings for yourself and gamble the other half.

The graphics of the game are great and the symbols are displayed down to the smallest detail. The music is satisfying and the sound effects are amplified when making a profit.

Maaax Diamonds – Diamonds with a special function!

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