Magic Journey – casino trip with Respin bonus!

Embark on a magical journey with the classic Magic Journey slot from casino game maker Pragmatic Play. The developers found the inspiration for this slot game in the inexhaustible Chinese culture.

This online casino game will allow you to win winnings up to 400 times higher, in one spin. What will bring great excitement is the Respin bonus. Let the fun begin.

Magic Journey
Magic Journey

Magic Journey is a themed slot related to China and is based on the warrior Sun Wukong. The traditional Chinese temple can be seen in the background and the soundtrack is pleasant and recognizable.

1 × 5 symbols are visible at the bottom of the screen, and a 3 × 3 grid is visible above. The symbols include a selection of mythical and cult Chinese characters, and all have the same payout value.

Before you start playing this casino game, you need to set your stakes on the +/- buttons and start the game on the Start button. An Autoplay button is also available to play the game automatically.

Embark on a magical journey with the classic Magic Journey slot!

This classic casino slot game is set on three reels with eight fixed lines. The key to winning is to highlight the symbols at the bottom of the slot on the 1 × 5 scorecards if the highlighted symbols highlight the earnings line.

If you see the Sun Wukong symbol, the Respin bonus will be triggered. The more paylines you get, the higher your earnings.

During Respin function, several symbols can fit which will also be highlighted on the scorecard. Respins are created until new paylines are formed or the Sun Wukong symbol, given by Respin is hit.

At the end of the Respin cycle, you will receive a payout depending on how highlighted, the highlighted line is:

  • one line = twice as many as the stakes
  • two lines = five times more than the stakes
  • three lines = 10 times more than the stakes
  • four lines = 15 times more than the stakes
  • five lines = 30 times more than the stakes
  • six lines = 100 times more than the stakes
  • eight lines = 400 times more than the stakes

The Magic Journey slot is very unique and basically, it is about filling the paylines by getting prominent symbols.

If you get a symbol that triggers Respin, you get a series of Respins that can highlight an entire 3 × 3 grid, and you have the chance to win 400 times more than the stakes.

Magic Journey
Online Casino Bonus

The slot has a large variance and a theoretical RTP (return to player percentage) of 96.54%. This announced RTP promises that the game will return fairly, although the combination of high volatility and low payouts at the top does not sound great.

Provider Pragmatic Play presents a unique casino game Magic Journey!

This is a rather unique game, in which the main area of ​​the game with 3 × 3 symbols remains fixed, while the horizontal reel at the bottom brings the payout symbols.

The nine positions at the top show you nine characters and you activate those characters when they appear on a rotating horizontal reel.

With the help of the bonus Respin function, you can continue to form new lines and you will eventually receive a payout based on the number of lines you have activated.

Magic Journey
Magic Journey

The story of the Monkey King and pigs, as well as the legendary Chinese heroes, has been told many times through slot machines, but here, apart from the theme, the uniqueness of the game and design stands out.

The Magic Journey slot has great graphics and a unique way of getting winning combinations for its players. A very unique game that players will like and that you can always try for free, in a demo version, at your favourite online casino.

The game is adapted to all devices, so you can enjoy this magical journey through your mobile phone.

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