Magic Spins – with top-notch fun to the jackpot

We present you with an unusual video slot that will ignite your imagination. Unprecedented fun comes with four amazing jackpots. But it’s not just jackpots that will delight you. There are plenty of bonuses you can’t resist.

Magic Spins is a video slot presented to us by the game manufacturer Wazdan. In this game, you will find a great Hold and Win bonus with special symbols that will greatly increase your winnings.

Magic Spins

If you want to learn more about this game, we suggest you take some time and read the rest of the text, which follows an overview of the Magic Spins slot. We have divided the review of this game into several segments:

  • Basic information
  • Magic Spins slot symbols
  • Bonus games
  • Graphics and sound

Basic information

Magic Spins is a game of unusual design. You will see three different types of blocks in which symbols can appear.

The first type of blocks are four blocks with six symbols each, and regular-sized symbols will appear in them. Then there are four blocks with large symbols that appear in the corners of the game setting.

The central position on the columns is reserved for the mega symbol.

There are no paylines in this game. To make any winnings, you need 10 or more matching symbols to appear on the columns. The biggest payouts await you if 22 or more identical symbols appear on the columns.

Just below the column, you will see a menu where you can select the size of the bets by clicking on one of the provided digits. You can also change the value of the stakes using the plus and minus keys.

An Autoplay function is also available through which you can set up to 1,000 spins.

The game has three levels of spin speed that are presented to animals: a turtle, a rabbit and a horse. You can also adjust one of these types of slot volatility levels.

Magic Spins slot symbols

When we talk about the symbols of the lowest payout value in this game, they are card symbols: J, Q, K and A. Each of them brings different payout power, while the symbol A is worth the most.

All other regular symbols are represented by diamonds. A set of 22 green diamonds will bring you 50 times more than the stakes, while the maximum payout that an orange diamond brings is 80 times higher than the stakes.

A purple diamond can bring you 120 times more while a red diamond is worth the most and brings a maximum payout of 150 times more than the stakes.

The Wild symbol is represented by a set of diamonds with the Wild logo. It changes all the symbols, except the bonus, and helps them create winning combinations.

Magic Spins-wazdan-džoker-online casino bonus

Bonus games

Bonus symbols are represented by fireballs, jackpots and certain ball-like symbols in various colors.

Six or more of these symbols on the columns will activate the Hold and Win Bonus.

During this game, only special symbols remain on the columns. Some of them have monetary values ​​on them, others have jackpot values ​​while some have special powers.

Cash symbols appear in a small setting with six symbols each. The collector, jackpot, mysterious symbol and symbol that increases winnings can appear as mega symbols.

The Mega Collector, Magic Mystery and Mega Increasing Value symbols only appear as mega symbols.

You get three respins to drop another of these symbols on the columns. If you succeed in that, the number of respins is reset to three.

Magic Spins-wazdan-hold and win bonus-online casino bonus

Increasing Value and Mega Increasing Value symbols increase with each spin for the value of the stakes until their counter disappears from the columns.

The Mini jackpot brings 20, the Mega jackpot 50, the Major 150 and the Magic jackpot 500 times more than the stakes.

The Mystery symbol can be turned into any bonus symbol while the Magic Mystery symbol, turns into one of the jackpot symbols or the Mega Collector symbol.

The Collector and the Mega Collector collect all the values ​​of all the symbols on the adjacent small setting until the counter reaches zero. They can also appear with the infinity symbol, which means that they will collect the value of these symbols by the end of this bonus.

When you fill all 29 positions on the columns with bonus symbols, you win the Grand Jackpot, 2,500 times more than the stakes.

There is also a gambling bonus that allows you to double your winnings. All you have to do is guess whether the diamond will stop at the red or green field.

Magic Spins-wazdan-bonus kockanja-online casino bonus

Graphics and sound

The columns of the Magic Spins slot are placed in the universe and all you will see around you are stars. The graphics of the game are great and all the symbols are presented in detail. Interesting music is present all the time while you are having fun.

It’s time to enjoy the unique fun! Play Magic Spins slot and win 2,500 times more!


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