Mayana – the king of Respin leads to great gains!

The ancient Mayan people are hiding in the title of the video slot of the provider Quickspin – Mayana. This is a slot that displays a beautifully designed background and stone symbols. These symbols will take you through the amazing experience of the North American rainforests that hide great ways to make money. You will also encounter multipliers, Respins and a special Mucha Mayana function. Find out more about this and other features of this online casino slot through this review. Let’s move!


Mayana, Quickspin, Playtech, Online Casino Bonus
Basic slot configuration

Lower the winnings in the Mayan video slot leading to the climax
Quickspin is known as a provider that offers its players an increase in ways to win. You saw in the last Wins of Fortune slot, and you will witness the same thing here, and winnings will be inevitable.

Each time the symbols make a winning combination, the playing field will increase. So, from the basic 3 × 3 setting, you can get to the 3 × 5 symbol board! All you need to do is arrange the symbols from left to right, starting from the first reel, and continue to lower the winnings.

The sequence of winnings will help you a variety of gems that appear in different colors, as well as the symbols that pay the most, animals, which are the main symbols of the slot. The Mayana video slot does not have wildcards or scatter symbols, but it has something equally good. Multipliers!

With Respin, increase the ways to make a profit

Let’s go back to the specific layout of the field whose order is increasing. Once you start playing, you will be greeted by nine playing fields on the board. With each win, the number of fields will increase, which will, of course, benefit you. And how is that?

After the first win in the series, in which you will have 27 ways to win, you will get two additional fields by enlarging the board by two reels. This will give you two additional symbols in the first and fifth reels. In addition to these symbols, you will also receive a Respin during which the winning symbols will be locked on the reels.


Quickspin, Playtech, Online Casino Bonus
Table 1-3-3-3-1

If you continue the resulting string with locked symbols, the first and last rill will get two more squares and you will get another Respin and your winnings will double. But with these two fields and Respin, the chance of winning will also increase as you will now have 108 ways to win!


Quickspin, Playtech, Online Casino Bonus
Table 2-3-3-3-2

The 3 × 3 board triples the winnings or opens a special function!
This is not the end, there is also Respin 3. In addition to the filled reels one and five, which will then fill your board with 5 × 5 symbols, you will also get 243 ways to win! Also, all winnings will be multiplied three times and thus bring a much higher figure.


Mayana, Quickspin, Playtech, Online Casino Bonus
3 × 5 board

If you do not have more locked symbols in the last Respin that will make winnings, there is a possibility to open the Mucha Mayana Multiplier function! Opening this function can bring you x4-x20 multipliers! But, only in case you have realized the full potential of the game board, which is 3 × 5 fields.


Mayana, Quickspin, Playtech, Online Casino Bonus
Mucha Mayana Multiplier

You will not miss a winning in the slot, as long as you continue the winning streak. It is up to you to be persistent until you open all the fields that will provide great winnings. In this South American adventure on the prairies of unexplored rainforests, you will be guided by interesting, mystical music. The animation will make you concentrate on the slot until you reach the full potential of the game board, and you will certainly not be bored.

If you don’t believe us, try the Mayana video slot in your online casino, and let us know your impressions!

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