Mongol Treasures Archery Competition – aim for casino bonuses

Some time ago you had the opportunity to read a review of the Mongol Treasures slot on our portal. Now we present you a new version of this game in which you will have a chance to reach the casino bonus with the help of archery.

Mongol Treasures Archery Competition is an online slot presented to us by the provider Endorphina. You will enjoy a bonus game that can bring you 4,000 times more! There are also three standard jackpots as well as a gamble bonus.

Mongol Treasures Archery Competition-online casino bonus-endorphina

If you want to know something more about this game, we suggest you to read the continuation of the text, in which there is an overview of the Mongol Treasures Archery Competition slot. We divided the review of this game into several theses:

  • Basic characteristics
  • About Mongol Treasures Archery Competition slot symbols
  • Bonus games
  • Graphics and sound

Basic characteristics

Mongol Treasures Archery Competition is a video slot that has five columns arranged in three rows and has 10 paylines. Paylines are adjustable so you can activate as many paylines as you want.

A minimum of two or three matching symbols on a payline are required to make any winnings. All winning combinations are counted from left to right starting from the first column on the left.

One win is paid out per payline. If you have multiple winning combinations on one payline, you will be paid the highest value combination.

The sum of winnings is possible if you connect them to several paylines at the same time.

By clicking the Coin Value or Bet button, you set the bet value per spin.

You can activate the Autoplay function by clicking on the Auto field. An unlimited number of spins are automatically triggered through this option.

Do you like a slightly more dynamic game? No problem! Activate the fast spins by clicking on the Turbo field.

Sound effects are adjusted by clicking on the button with the picture of the speaker.

About Mongol Treasures Archery Competition slot symbols

When it comes to the symbols of this game, the classic card symbols bring the lowest payout value: 10, J, Q, K and A. They are divided into two groups according to their payout power, so K and A bring slightly higher payouts than the rest.

Three horses follow: brown, black and white. A brown and a black horse bring identical payouts, while a white horse is worth slightly more. If you match five of these symbols on a payline you will win 20 times your stake.

The traditional Mongolian is the most valuable among the basic symbols. If you connect five of these symbols on a payline you will win 50 times your stake.

The wild symbol is represented by a girl in folk costume. It changes all the symbols and helps them to create winning combinations.

Mongol Treasures Archery Competition-online casino bonus-džoker-endorphina

Bonus games

This girl plays a double role as she is also the scatter symbol of the game. Three or more of these symbols will activate the bonus game according to the following rules:

  • Three scatters trigger a bonus game with standard prizes
  • Four scatters trigger a bonus game with double prizes
  • Five scatters trigger a bonus game with quadruple prizes

Mongol Treasures-Archery Competition-scatter-online casino bonus-endorphina

Then the regular symbols disappear from the columns and only shields and targets can appear on the columns. You get three respins to land some of these symbols on the columns. If you succeed, the number of respins is reset to three.

When the target appears on the columns, arrows will be fired at it. Depending on how many arrows hit the center of the target you are paid certain rewards.

Mongol Treasures Archery Competition-bonus igra-online casino bonus-endorphina

If 42 or more arrows hit the center, you will win 4,000 times your stake.

Whenever the shield appears on the columns it brings you one of the following jackpot prizes:

  • Bronze Jackpot – 25 times the stake
  • Silver Jackpot – 50 times the stake
  • Gold jackpot – 100 times the stake

You can double any winnings with the help of a gambling bonus. You will find five cards in front of you, one of which is face up. The point of the game is to draw a card bigger than it.

Mongol Treasures Archery Competition-bonus kockanja-online casino bonus-endorphina

The wild, which is stronger than all cards, can help you in this.

Graphics and sound

Columns of the Mongol Treasures Archery Competition slot are set up in a valley where tents are pitched and horses are grazed. Traditional music is present throughout.

During the bonus game the background changes and you will be present at an archery competition.

The graphics of the game are great and all the symbols are shown in detail.

Enjoy Mongol Treasures Archery Competition and win 4,000 times more!



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