Monkey Madness – a simple and very profitable slot!

The online casino slot Monkey Madness belongs to the classic slots due to its simple look and the absence of bonus games. Despite that, this slot offers excellent payouts in the basic game due to the Wild who can increase the winnings three and nine times. Very decent looking with an interesting soundtrack, this casino slot will appeal to fans of classic slots and slots with more than good payout options.

Meet the classic Monkey Madness slot

The Monkey Madness slot board is placed on a palm leaf, framed by bamboo trees and perfectly highlights colourful symbols on a white background. Below the mainboard, where the slot action takes place, there is a control panel that has various options on it. There is a two-arrow key that indicates Start. If you do not like spinning manually, there is also an Autoplay button, located below the Start button. When you press this button, a screen will open in which you need to set how many automatic spins you want and at what point you want them to stop, for example, if your bet is reduced by a certain amount of money.

Monkey Madness slot layout
Monkey Madness slot layout

The control panel also has buttons for turning the sound on and off, the “i” button, which is used for additional information about the slot and a button that indicates the menu in which there are options for setting roles. You can also adjust your bet next to the Spin key by pressing the + or key.

The classic Monkey Madness slot contains three reels in which at least three symbols must be arranged for the spin to win. The combination must extend from left to right, starting from the first reel on the left and must extend to at least one of the nine paylines. It is important to say that you will be paid only one win per payline, which is the most valuable one. If you have more winnings on different lines, you will all be paid.

Payments of symbol combinations

On the left side of the game, the board are the values ​​of the symbols that make up the Monkey Madness slot. Here you can track the expected values ​​carried by the symbol combinations. So from the top-up, we first have three combined symbols of Banana, Pineapple and Cocktail. This combination will bring you the smallest profit, 0.4 times higher than your stake. This combination is followed by separate combinations of Cocktails, Pineapples and Bananas that offer 0.8 to 2 times more than invested.

A slightly higher payout will be offered by three Parrot and Drum symbols with Dollar signs. For three Parrot symbols, you will get a three-fold increase in stakes and for three drums you will get five times more than you bet. The most valuable payout is offered by the last Monkey Madness slot symbol. It is a Monkey. He is shown in his charmer version, with sunglasses. If you collect three Monkey symbols, you will get 111 times more than you invested!

Monkey Madness
One Wild triple the value of the winnings

That is not all the monkey has to offer because this is no ordinary symbol. The Monkey is a Wild symbol of the Monkey Madness slot and its function is to replace all the symbols of the slot. In addition to being in charge of the most valuable payouts and changing all the symbols, this symbol will offer an additional increase in winnings! When the Monkey is in the winning combination, it will increase it three times. If two Monkey symbols are found in the winning combination, it will be worth nine times more!

Monkey Madness is a very simple game with solid graphics and decent animations. This is a game of low volatility, which means that you can expect more frequent but smaller winnings, however, there is still the possibility of a big win with the Wilds. Theoretically, the RTP (return to player percentage)of this game is 96.53%, which is perfectly fine for games of this type. We invite you to try this classic slot in your favourite online casino and let us know your impressions!

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