Mount Mazuma – jackpot slot of big winnings

The Mount Mazuma video slot comes from the casino game provider Habanero and will enchant you with its graphics, theme and payout options. A volcano that wakes up and brings exclusive bonuses to the flames is something not to be missed.

Multipliers, bonus free spins and a progressive jackpot are elements of this great casino game. Amazing, isn’t it?

Mount Mazuma
Mount Mazuma

The Mount Mazuma video slot has five columns in three rows and 243 paylines, but there is the option to unlock additional fields and expand the game field to five columns in five rows.

And with all that, you’ll enjoy great cartoon-style slot graphics. You will get free spins, scatter symbols and an extra chance that guarantees you will come out with huge prizes.

At the bottom of this video jackpot slot is a control panel with options for setting stakes and starting the game.

Mount Mazuma – a casino game of great payout opportunities!

Huge prizes are available to you on Mount Mazuma, and it is natural that it is so, because you have so many ways to win.

You have as many as 10,000 paylines created during free games, and even the Extra Chance option can pay 500 times more than the stakes as a consolation prize.

The sound of the song of this magical Hawaiian-style video slot matches the tropical graphics and symbols. A huge volcano with a gentle smile greets your Mount Mazuma slot.

Once filled, the mountain rests on the left side of the slot swaying to the beat of the music and watching the symbols on the left side of the slot, which are tropical fruit themes.

Mount Mazuma
Online Casino Bonus

The symbols of orange, pineapple, coconut and banana pay the main prizes when three in a row appear. There are also symbols of cards A, Q, J, K of slightly lower value, but they compensate for that by frequent appearances.

On the columns of the Mount Mazuma slot, you will notice that the upper and lower rows are covered with palm leaves. We will reveal what palm leaves are a little later in this review of the casino game.

This is a very colorful and fun game, which has a tropical island in its design, and the volcano that will erupt soon turns into the main character. He has eyes, a mouth with big teeth and he is quite cheerful. As it erupts it brings you more ways to win, symbols and great rewards.

Interested in the mystery of palm leaves? Whenever a cocktail-shaped scatter symbol appears, a palm leaf is randomly removed from the top and bottom columns revealing the symbols. This allows for more paylines.

Bonus symbol multiplier function!

Whenever the random feature of the symbol multiplier is activated, the volcano wakes up and gives you a huge smile as the explosion of fire shoots from the top of your head. Then you can expect wilds and multipliers.

Bonus Extra Wild adds one or two more wilds anywhere on the slot columns. The symbol multiplier function doubles the value of random symbols.

Mount Mazuma
Mount Mazuma

This release is a well-created slot with many bonus functions that, in addition to fun, bring great payouts to players.

Mount Mazuma – bonus free spins!

A special attraction in the Mount Mazuma slot is the round of free spins. Here’s how you can activate it. Wild and scatter symbols have special functions.

The cocktail is a scatter symbol and it will launch 10 bonus free spins, only to appear three times somewhere in the game. The number of ways to win will vary here and you can get additional paylines.

While you’re in free games mode, you’ll discover that you can unlock more ways to win, just by landing additional cocktail symbols somewhere in the game area.

On top of that, if at the end of the free games you get a prize that is less than 5 times the stake, then you will be given an extra chance. Once again, if you get less than 10 times the stakes from this feature, you will be rewarded with a huge prize of 500 times the stakes.

Even bad luck can turn into good luck thanks to the Extra Chance. It is significant to say that palm leaves are then removed. It is possible to remove all the flaming leaves, which will give you an incredible 10,000 different ways to make a profit.

Win a progressive jackpot!

A significant feature in the Mount Mazuma video slot is the progressive jackpot function!

You can win the jackpot at random after any spin. There are two jackpot values:

  • Mini jackpot
  • Major jackpot

The jackpot values ​​are highlighted in the upper left corner. Another reason to spin spins is the jackpot! Every player enjoys the feeling of winning the jackpot because it is sweetly won money.

The game is available on all devices, both on the desktop and on the tablet and mobile phone. Also, this casino game has a demo version, so you can try it out before investing real money, in your chosen online casino. Theoretical RTP is 97.98%. Great, isn’t it?

Play an interesting online casino game Mount Mazuma with many bonus features and a progressive jackpot, have fun and earn.