Myths about online casino slots

It said that since there has been gambling, there are ingrained myths of players and often of those who have not even approached the casino, especially about payouts, the random outcome of rounds and “fixing” of outcomes. With the article Myths about online casino slots, we will try to break those myths, develop truths from lies and remove unfounded beliefs and claims.

Myths about online casino slots – from ignorance to mistrust

Myths about online casino slots usually arise out of ignorance, so our first step was to train you to understand how slots work, which you can find out about in our Tutorials section. After reading the most basic rules of the game, we can turn to myths. Where to start?

Playing at a certain time of day or a certain day

If you are familiar with slot mechanics, you know that the results of spins are controlled by the Random Number Generator, you know that this is complete nonsense. The RNG or Random Number Generator exists precisely to conduct fair play at any time, at any time of the day or night to manage the randomness of the outcome 24/7. You have probably heard someone around you say “Well, today they would not give something, I will try tomorrow” – complete nonsense. Even if he happens to win the next day, it does not mean he was right, it just means he just had more luck than the day before.

Myths about online casino slots
Myths about online casino slots

Along with this myth, the article Myths about online casino slots also includes the fact that playing one game for a longer period results in certain winnings. Incorrect – go back and read the previous paragraph again if you believe this.

Casinos manipulate the operation of slots / there are forms according to which payouts work

You can often hear the statement “Casino always wins” from players. But is that so? First of all, if that were the case, would anyone bet then? Of course not, it means that there is always a chance to make a profit. So, the myths that casinos manipulate spin outcomes and that there are certain patterns by which slots work are simply nonsense. First, it is completely illegal and no regulatory institution in charge of overseeing the operation of casinos would approve it.

Myths about online casino slots
Myths about online casino slots

Second, just think: RNG throws out millions of combinations per minute, is it possible that there is any pattern? We are talking, we repeat, millions of combinations, which one could not send and the computer maybe in a couple of years of extensive work. It may sound unlikely, but the slot may roll out the jackpot right after the jackpot – unlikely but completely realistic. All spins come with the same probability of winning and there is always the possibility of winning two big wins in a row or two non-winning spins in a row.

Winning is not up to you

This is not exactly true. Although we have repeatedly stated in the previous part of the text that the system is based entirely on random outcomes, there are still options to improve the game. First of all, pay attention to a few things:

The percentage of RTP (return to player percentage), Theoretical return of money, tells you how much of the invested money the slot can return to you. Take for example a game that has an RTP of 96%, you invest money and turn a million spins – your theoretical return will be 960,000 dinars. That is much better than a slot that has, for example, a 92% RTP, right?

The number of paylines – the higher the number of paylines, the better the chances of winning. Larger sums of money are invested but theoretically, there are greater chances of making profits.

Myths about online casino slots
Myths about online casino slots

While your choice of the game may affect your chances of winning, in the end, it all comes down to luck. There is no use in annoying – if you do not believe in the coincidence of the outcome of the round, do not play. Changing games, providers or online casinos will not help you believe. If you have already decided to play a slot, play to have fun and the earnings should be just the icing on the cake.

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