Nefertitis Riches – win the riches of Egypt!

Explore ancient Egypt with the Nefertitis Riches slot from casino game provider RedRake. The game has rich graphics and exclusive bonuses that include free spins, multipliers and other bonus features.

In the following text, read all about:

  • Game themes and features
  • Symbols and their values
  • How to play and win
  • Bonus games

The Nefertiti Riches slot takes us back to the time of Queen Nefertiti, who was the wife of a pharaoh from ancient Egypt. Throughout history, she is also remembered for the religious reforms she carried out together with her husband.

The Nefertitis Riches slot layout has 6 columns and 10 rows of symbols, and there are a million winning combinations in total.

All adjacent symbols pay from left to right and hence the high win potential lines. They differ, however, as not all online spaces are filled at one time.

Nefertitis Riches

Match a series of symbols with Egyptian motifs to win the game. Winning symbols disappear and are replaced by new ones thanks to the cascading mechanic.

The action of the game takes place on a large grid in a thin golden frame. Alexandria can be seen in the background of the game.

In this game the setting will change with each winning spin. The maximum number of winning combinations you can activate is one million.

To the right of the slot is a control panel with options that introduce players to the game. Use the +/- keys to set your bet, then press the round arrow in the middle that indicates Start. On the Autoplay button, players have the option to spin the spins automatically a certain number of times.

Nefertitis Riches slot introduces you to the famous Egyptian pharaoh’s wife!

In the Balance section you can see your current balance, while in the Win section you can see your current winnings. Also, there is a Turbo mode, if you want to speed up the game.

You also have the option to adjust the volume as desired or simply turn it off. It should be noted that the soundtrack is adapted to the game and accompanies the perfect animations that the symbols make.

It’s time to introduce the symbols in the Nefertitis Riches slot. The symbols are divided into two groups, as lower value symbols and higher paying value symbols.

The symbols of the lower payout value are represented by the classic card symbols A, J, K, Q and 10, which appear more often in the game, thus compensating for the lower value.

Nefertitis Riches

The higher paying symbols are represented by a golden vase and a golden cat, a golden chair with a green seat, a jeweled necklace and Nefertiti herself.

There are also a number of bonus symbols such as: a key that unlocks extra rows, a boost that increases the value of wins, an extra heart that gives an extra spin and a multiplier that increases the level of the multiplier.

In this game, any non-winning spin will cause non-winning symbols to accumulate in the Nefertiti panel. These turnovers contribute to the percentage shown on the board. When the progress bar is full, the Nefertiti Mini Game starts.

Winning spins activate elements on the Bonus panel. If you manage to light up all the elements, lighting up all the BONUS letters, you will trigger the free spins. Free spins are triggered with 5 consecutive spins.

During free spins, if your winnings are less than 16x winnings, 4 extra spins will be won.

Exclusive bonuses bring profit!

Also, during free spins, a special column appears that contains multipliers and additional free spins. These bonuses are activated immediately when you land on them.

Nefertiti’s minigame starts with 3 respins with 5 winning symbols randomly distributed across the columns.

Nefertitis Riches

Hitting any winning symbol on the columns locks it in place. Then the game resets to three respins. When all columns are filled with multipliers or values or the spins are exhausted, the minigame ends and wins are assessed.

As we said, the free spins bonus requires you to land 5 or more spins in the same cascade. Each spin activates an additional multiplier column and additional spins.

The game Nefertitis Riches is optimized for all devices, so you can also play it on mobile phones.

Play the Nefetitis Riches slot at your chosen online casino and win the riches of ancient Egypt.