Neon Shapes – Tetris in the online casino game!

If you belong to the players who like to play Tetris, you will be happy to hear that this popular game has been transferred to the columns of the Neon Shapes slot, which comes from the casino game provider Evoplay. It is a modern version of the popular game Tetris, with elements of skill and strategy, and a retro theme from the 1980s.

Neon Shapes does not have bonus free spins, which you may be used to with most slots, but it does have elements that will make you use a strategy to win. In this game, points bring rewards in a combination of luck, strategy, speed and skill. All you have to do is place as many shapes as possible and fill the game board.

Neon Shapes
Neon Shapes

Placing shapes on the board brings you to the points. With bonus points on offer throughout the game, this is a slot game in a retro edition, but with the potential for good payouts. As for the theme, the inspiration was the 1980s, with elegant, fluorescent lights and a suitable soundtrack.

The minimalist design complements the style of the game and fits well into the darker blue background, which is interspersed with light rays. The shapes are on the right side of the game, and you need to place them on the game board.

Slot Neon Shapes is a game of skill and strategy!

Now let’s look at how is played the Neon Shapes slot, created by the developers of the Evoplay studio. At the bottom of the game is the Bet +/- option where you need to place your bets. Make sure the settings are to your liking, and you can set them in the range of 1 to 500 roles.

Then you will get three clouds that you can choose and place on the board. The board consists of an 8 × 8 square with 64 tiles. Once you place the first three shapes, if the spaces are still free on the board, three more shapes will appear.

Neon Shapes
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Your task is to fill as many rows as possible on the board, and the lines can be filled horizontally and vertically. It is important to point out that the shapes of the gold color must be included in the filled line in order to get points.

When the Start button turns purple, you get the ability to rotate the shapes. The Start button is filled by placing pieces to win points. If the piece is lit, it means it can be played. The game ends when it is no longer possible to play with multiple pieces of form.

As for points, you have skill points, which are a reward for playing the game well and are gained by placing as many pieces as possible, deleting horizontal and vertical lines and using gold and orange pieces to maximum effects, which are the basic points of skill.

Enjoy the Neon Shapes game that comes from the Tetris-style Evoplay provider!

Points are earned in certain ways, so if you place any shape on the board, you will score 10 skill points, if you clear the vertical line you will score 100 points, and if you clear the horizontal line you will win 100 points.

In addition, if you set a rotated shape, you will score 100 points, and after finishing a round faster than the previous round, you will score 250 points. Keep in mind that if you delete the entire gold shape after setting, you will win 500 points, and if you clear the entire shape board, a reward of 500 points awaits you.

Neon Shapes
Neon Shapes

Also, if you clear more lines in one move, you will get bonus skill points. These skill points are called extra-skill points. Let’s look at the situation with the lines. Namely, two lines bring 300 points, three lines 600 points, four lines bring 1,000 points, five lines bring 1,500 points, while six lines bring a prize of 2,100 points.

At the end of the online casino game Neon Shapes, the basic and additional points are combined to get total points. Winnings are calculated depending on the color and number of pieces used to delete the line or lines.

In this way we come to know that ordinary shapes in the Neon Shapes slot bring skill points, gold shapes bring skill points and winnings, which depend on the individual number of gold coins on the line. Orange shapes yield higher returns with gains awarded randomly for each tile shape.

The Neon Shapes slot has 114 commands, and a random generator determines which will be presented during the game. The game has 38 plain pieces, 38 gold pieces and 38 orange pieces. The maximum payout in the slot is 9,999 times the stakes.

What is the most challenging in the game Neon Shapes is to beat the total number of your previous skills. The theoretical RTP of the game is 96%, which is completely in line with the average for slots. You can try the game in the demo version of your chosen online casino, and remind yourself how Tetris is played.

The Neon Shapes slot is a unique blend of skill and luck backed by randomly generated pieces. The game is intended for strategists and those who enjoy the elements of skill.

If you are a fan of the Tetris slot game, Neon Shapes will surely suit you.