Pachinko – go to Japan and enjoy the bingo game!

Fans of bingo games will be delighted with the Pachinko slot, which was created from the collaboration between Neko Games and the provider Microgaming. The game features a popular Asian theme, based on the Maneki Neko cat and famous Japanese games.

The graphics of the game are at a high level and very high quality. The play area is set up next to a wooden Japanese house with a fence.

Next to the columns, you will see the cherry blossom, which has a special meaning in Japanese culture and in whose honor a festival is held. Also, next to the columns stands the cat Maneki – Neko.

In the Pachinko slot, you can win different prizes through interesting bonus games, wilds and jackpot prizes.


Pachinko combines games from two different casino games. Basically, it’s a 90 ball bingo game played on 4 tickets, with 19 bingo patterns. To play the game, you start by customizing your bet.

You need to choose a bet per ticket and when multiplied by 4 this will give you the total bet.

The betting range is perfect for all players regardless of their budget. All winnings are multiplied by the bet per ticket. After choosing your bet you can click on the start button.

The online casino game Pachinko is a bingo game!

When you start a Pachinko game, different balls with assigned numbers will fall to the middle. You get 30 starting balls, and if you’re close to winning, you can buy additional balls for a price.

When the numbers of the balls match the numbers on the slips, they will be marked. You win when the marked bingo card numbers match any of the 19 patterns.


Pachinko slot is a bingo game and therefore there are no symbols on the columns. Payouts are calculated according to different bingo patterns since there are no symbols. There are 19 patterns and while some will unlock bonuses, others offer different payouts.

The highest paying pattern is the jackpot which is awarded when you fill all bingo ticket positions simultaneously. Then you will be awarded the jackpot, which we will discuss in more detail in the rest of the review.

Next is the bonus form, which will unlock the bonus game and offer you 400 times the bet per ticket. After that you have the Torii gate pattern.

Let’s take a look at what’s going on in the Torii Gate pattern. This is the form when you fill all the positions except the first, middle and last in the middle row. This will give you 400 times your bet per ticket.

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Then, in the form Maneki – Neko, you fill in all but two in the first row, one in the second and two in the third and you win 200 times the bet.

You need to know that if you hit two complete lines anywhere, you win 100 times your bet per ticket.

The next two patterns are when you land all but two positions in the first row, one in the second row and three in the third row, or vice versa, you get 80x. Low payout tickets offer payouts of 40x, 10x, 8x, 3x your bet per ticket.

Look for top prizes with Pachinko bonus features and increase your chances of winning. Once you get the bonus pattern, it will unlock the game. It is a five-level shelf with a Maneki Neko cat of different colors.


Each cat has a random cash prize or exit message. Hidden prizes depend on shelf level, and you can win up to five free balls and even get extra balls for free. Note that there are no Pachinko free spins.

The game also has a bingo slot that also contains wild symbols. The wild allows you to select a number from any list that is not called. It comes with extra balls.

The great thing about the Pachinko game is that you can win a jackpot prize. The jackpot prize is 5,000 times your bet per ticket. It is awarded when you hit a full house with extra balls.

The theoretical RTP of the Pachinko slot is 95.82% and although it is far below the average for online slots, it is more than decent for bingo games. The volatility of the game is unknown, but these games usually offer consistent wins.

Play Pachinko game at your chosen online casino and win a prize.