Pirate Kingdom Megaways – a slot on a rough sea!

Pirate Kingdom Megaways is another video slot with a pirate theme, which will show us the fight on six reels with interesting graphics and exciting soundtrack. As the name of the slot says, this is a Megaways slot, with cascading reels, whose number of winning combinations goes from 64 to as many as 117,649!

This is the Iron Dog provider slot, where you can expect regular and double wilds, as well as free spins with multipliers and locked, sticky reels and additional free spins.

If the introduction intrigued you, continue reading the text and learn more about the Pirate Kingdom Megaways slot!

Pirate Kingdoms Megaways brings more than 100,000 winning combinations on cascading reels

This online casino slot is located on a rough sea, in the middle of a sea storm or a conflict with an enemy ship, it’s hard to say. Around, in the water, barrels are floating, and the music record depicts a warrior atmosphere.

This is a slot with six reels, whose number of rows changes with each spin, which is a characteristic of Megaways slots. Thus, by changing the number of rows, the number of active playing fields will change, and thus the number of winning combinations.

The maximum number of winning combinations is 117,649, which can be achieved in both the basic and bonus games.

The Pirate Kingdom Megaways slot takes you on an exciting adventure!

Pirate Kingdom Megaways
Pirate Kingdom Megaways slot layout

In addition to being a Megaways slot, Pirate Kingdom Megaways is also a cascade reel slot. This means that the setting of the symbols changes after each win.

Namely, the symbols that participated in the winning combination are removed from the reels, and in their place come new symbols, which then make the winning combinations with the old symbols. As for the symbols, we can divide them into basic and special.

Pirate Kingdom Megaways
Cascading reels

Get acquainted with the basic and special symbols

The basic symbols belong, first of all, to the classic card symbols 10, J, Q, K and A, which are joined by a rudder, a treasure chest and three figures, representing the captain and two crew members.

These are more valuable symbols, which bring better winnings when they collect three to six of the same on the game board, but the captain is an exception here. It is the only symbol that can provide a payout for only two of the same in combination.

The Wild, represented by crossed pistols with the inscription Wild, will help build the winning combinations.

It is a symbol that appears in all reels, except the first, both during the main and during the bonus game and replaces all the symbols on the game board, making winnings with them.

The Pirate Kingdom Megaways video slot has another wild – Wild x2, which brings double payouts. It occurs only during the basic game and on reels 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, from where it will act on the spin outcomes, contributing to an additional increase in winnings.

Namely, whenever this wild appears on the reels, and participates in the winning combination, he will double its value. In addition, an extra improvement comes when more of these symbols are found on the board, which multiply with each other, giving even better bonuses.

Pirate Kingdom Megaways
Wild x2

Four consecutive winnings trigger a bonus game with locked reels

Winning streaks in the base game are very important for starting a bonus game. When there are at least four consecutive winnings, a bonus game with free spins is started.

To make it easier to track the number of winnings, there is a scale on the right side of the game board in which winnings are marked in the form of an anchor. When this scale is filled, i.e. when it reaches the number of four anchors, a bonus game with eight free spins is launched.

f the winnings continue after the fourth win, two free spins are added for each win, and the maximum number of free spins is 14.

The bonus game of the Pirate Kingdom Megaways video slot comes with special reels, which, when seven symbols are found in them, are locked, i.e. they become sticky.

Such locked columns will remain so until the end of the bonus feature, ie until the free spins are used up.

In addition, the reel lock is followed by a multiplier, which is incremented by each locked reel, and on the last spin of the reel they give one additional free spin, or more of them.

Pirate Kingdom Megaways
Multiplier in the bonus game

In addition to this increase in the number of free spins, the bonus game of the Pirate Kingdom Megaways slot also brings an increase through winnings on cascading columns.

Namely, just as there is a scale in the basic game, in which the anchors are collected by starting the bonus game, so there is in the bonus game.

After four winning combinations, the slot provides two additional free spins, up to a number of 14, as two more free spins are added for each additional win over four.

If you are unlucky enough to start a bonus game, there is also a Buy Free Spins button, which will offer you the purchase of free spins. All you have to do is set the number of free spins you want, the number of locked reels and press Ok, if you agree on the monetary compensation.

Pirate Kingdom Megaways
Buy Free Spins

After reading the review of the Pirate Kingdom Megaways slot, you can be convinced of the excellence of the functions, which reach their quality in the game.

Cascading columns with a different number of winning combinations and active fields give the slot extra excitement while you wait for the spin outcome. The tension grows with each successive win, which is accompanied by music, changing the tempo and dynamics, making the adrenaline work, which culminates in the bonus game.

There are locked reels that affect other reels, but also your balance, because they come with multipliers, whose value grows with each gain.

If we intrigue you, visit your favorite online casino and try the Pirate Kingdom Megaways slot.


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