Power Dragon – feel the power of the dragon in the online casino game!

A new adventure with an Asian theme awaits you in the video slot Power Dragon, the manufacturer of casino games GameArt. This casino game is beautifully designed and helps you explore ancient China. A special feature is that the game allows players to control the number of free spins and prize multipliers they receive during bonus slot games. Use your wisdom and enjoy the Power Dragon slot from the comfort of your home at your favorite online casino.

Power Dragon
Power Dragon

It is known that in Chinese mythology, the dragon plays an important role and is believed to bring good luck, especially in combination with the number eight. With the Power Dragon video slot, you now have the opportunity to be lucky and win exclusive bonuses. The setting of this casino game is on five columns in three rows and 243 winning combinations.

Feel the power of the dragon with the Power Dragon video slot!

The background of the game is a strong Asian theme, and the slot columns are framed in gold, while at the bottom is a beautifully stylized dashboard. The green spin button is located in the middle of the control panel and, as you guessed, is used to start the game, while the size of the desired stake is set to the Bet +/- button. If you want to start the game automatically, the Autoplay button is available.

The in-game payline configuration means that any combination of three consecutive symbols, starting from the far left column, results in a payout, with prizes starting at x10 multipliers and growing up to 250 times the stakes. The symbols in the slot range from standard cards A, J, K, Q, 9 and 10, lower values, which are replaced by more frequent appearances. They are followed by symbols that match the theme of this online casino video slot such as: red cards, gold bowls, fish and dragons symbols.

The wild symbol in this online casino game is presented in the shape of a golden dragon and can be used to complete any of the 243 paylines in the game. The scatter symbol in the Power Dragon slot is presented in the form of a traditional gold coin and has the power to activate a bonus round of free spins.

Let’s take a look at how the free spin bonus game starts. To activate bonus free spins, three or more scatter symbols must appear simultaneously on the columns of the slot, from left to right. Then you get the option to choose the free spins you want to play.

Power Dragon
Online Casino Bonus

Exclusive bonuses are waiting for you in the online casino game Power Dragon!

When the bonus round starts, you need to choose which type of free spins you want to play. This is a great option, isn’t it? Five different kites are offered, and each has its own number of free spins and multipliers. As you might guess, more free spins have a lower multiplier and vice versa. The number of free spins on offer is between 10 and 25, with multipliers ranging from x2 to x30.

Power Dragon
Power Dragon

In addition, wallets with red envelopes on the first and fifth columns of the slot appear in the bonus round of free spins. Just as red in China is happy, so the appearance of these red banknotes will bring you happiness, because they give a bonus between x2 and x20 more than the stakes.

Another great option adorns the Power Dragon video slot, and that is the possibility of gambling winnings. On the control panel, you will find the Gamble button, which helps you enter the gambling option after any winning combination and thus double your winnings. All you have to do is guess the color of the next randomly selected card, and the available colors to guess are red and black.

The Power Dragon video slot comes with a distinctive oriental theme and offers exclusive bonuses in the form of free spins with multipliers within which you have special extras. Also, before you enter the free spin bonus game, you are given the opportunity to select the type of bonus you want to play.

Enjoy discovering the benefits of ancient China on your computer in the warmth of home or via mobile phone wherever you are. Feel the power of the dragon with the online casino video slot Power Dragon, have fun and make money.

The Dragon Fei Cui Gong Zhu video slot, which comes from the Playtech provider, has a similar theme.


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