Power Joker – a powerful joker brings you happiness!

Casino games are the best source of fun and entertainment. Each game is composed of carefully selected elements and offers you endless entertainment. Power Joker is a new game designed by Novomatic. Although the theme of the Joker has been done countless times over the years, Power Joker offers a lot of excitement.

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Power Joker

The game consists practically of two separate games, in each we have three reels and five paylines. The screen at the bottom is the basic way to play. The screen at the top is a supermeter! When using the basic game mode, the player can opt to play on a maximum of five paylines. In basic mode, players win the money if they get three of the same symbols on the reels in one spin. When the player achieves the winning combination in basic mode, the game switches to the supermeter.

Power Joker – the super meter will bring you a progressive jackpot!

Only winning combinations worth less than 2000 points will be switched to supermeter mode. Five paylines will be activated during this mode. Players who bet in supermeter mode have a chance to win the progressive jackpot. Like any other feature in an online slot game, the Supermeter mode feature certainly isn’t endless, even if it may seem like it at times. Since all winnings accumulated during one session of gameplay are transferred to Supermeter, the end occurs when players win a certain amount of money, maxing out in the process. However, given the size of a progressive jackpot win, not all money can be transferred to the supermeter mode.

What sets the Power Joker apart from other games is the unique supermeter game mode. The Power Joker has no wildcard or scatters symbols, but the supermeter function cancels all of them. This slot is a classic old school arcade game with a modern twists. As for the symbols, there are classic fruit trees, bells, lucky 7 and of course the joker. The Joker is the strongest symbol and leads to the biggest gains.

This game builds excitement as the player continues to charge the supermeter, often motivating them to keep playing.

It is far from a relaxing game, but its main feature is dynamism and excitement. It’s atypical for online games, but it’s a lot of fun. Every player can enjoy this game. Try it, maybe a powerful joker will bring you luck!

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