Presto – catch the magic in the online casino game

The Presto video slot, by the renowned casino game provider Habanero, is inspired by illusionists and magicians. Extremely fun online casino game with bonus features of great payouts.

The Presto video slot has as many as five fun bonus games!

The host in the video slot, Presto, is a magician standing on the right side of the slot, while on the left side is a hat from which a rabbit occasionally jumps out.


The background of the slot is the stage on which the magician performs his tricks. The predominant color is red in the slot, on the right stands a magician with a mysterious facial expression. On the left side is a pedestal on which a magician’s hat is placed on a purple tablecloth.

The graphics in the Presto video slot are extremely well done. Occasionally you will see rabbits running around the stage or pigeons flying by. Truly, a fascinating sight.

Presto – a multitude of bonus games bring fun and winnings!

The slot set is on five columns in three rows and 243 paylines. The columns of the slot are framed in gold and filled with symbols inspired by magic.

Before you dive into this magical online casino game, you need to get acquainted with the options on the control panel.

Online Casino Bonus

At the bottom of the slot is a control panel with options that serve to place bets and spin the game. Place the desired bet on the Bet level +/- and Coin +/- keys, then press the Start key in the middle of the board.

For slightly braver players who like to play at maximum stake, the Bet Max button is a shortcut to automatically set the maximum stake. An Autoplay button is also available to automatically set the maximum stake.

Meet the symbols and their value in the Presto slot!

The symbols in the slot are two doves, a hand with a white glove that leaves a deck of cards, a white rabbit and a beautiful lady.

Then there is the magic box that pretends to cut the assistant. The symbols of cards A, K, Q, J have a lower value, but they compensate for that by frequent appearances and in that way you can collect winnings.

The wild symbol is represented by Wild and has the power to change other regular symbols except scatter symbols. The crystal ball is a scatter symbol in the magic theme slot. The scatter symbol only appears in the base game.

When crystal balls appear on columns 1 and 4, the randomly selected symbol on the fifth column will also be transformed into a scatter symbol. This is an illusion about the Crystal Ball, although it is not part of the illusions that move feathers.

Bonus with a crystal ball

The Presto video slot has fun features. One of them is “Counting down illusions”. Wondering what that is? Don’t worry, we explain everything to you in this review.

Namely, at the top of the slot, you will notice feathers falling after each running spin. There may be between 5 and 20 of these feathers at the top of the slot. That falling feather represents a countdown, and when the last feather falls, one of the five bonus games starts.

Catch the illusions and win money!

What everyone is interested in is the characteristics of the bonus games, which the Presto video slot has.

The first feature that can be triggered by the final fall of the feathers is the “Illusion of Throwing Cards“! Then between two and six cards are thrown at random places. All the places where the cards fall are turned into wild symbols before the payout, which brings a significant gain.

The next illusion, that is, the bonus game is the “Illusion of synchronized columns“, in which anywhere between two and five columns that will be locked and on which identical symbols will land will be synchronized.

Expanding wild

The third feature is “Expanding Wild Illusion” and will occur when Any Blond Lady appears on the screen and expands to include all positions on the column. The symbol of this lady acts as a wild symbol during the illusion.

The fourth feature is the “Magic Hat Respin Illusion” which is activated when the hat symbol lands anywhere on the slot columns and activates the Respin bonus function.

Any hat symbol can be replicated to another hat symbol in any direction and start a new re-rotation.

All hat symbols remain in place for successive re-turns, ie respins. If no hat symbol is repeated, all hat symbols will change to the same random non-wild symbol.

A magic hat

Win bonus free spins!

An interesting magic-themed video slot also has a fifth feature, which is a bonus round of free spins.

This round is activated when three or more scatter symbols of the crystal ball land on the columns. Players will be rewarded with 12 free spins. Throwing cards, synchronized columns and expanding wild illusions may appear during the bonus feature.

The theoretical RTP of this interesting casino game is 98% and it comes with medium volatility. Also, the game has a demo version, so you can try it out before investing real money, at your chosen online casino.

Great graphics and themes with many bonus games make the online casino game Presto irresistible. Unusual and different, with great paying power, this game will definitely hold your attention.

Play the Presto video slot full of unusual bonus games with a magic theme.


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