Prime Property – choose your dream property!

Prime Property is a video slot from the game maker Microgaming, which once again brought freshness to a new interesting topic about real estate. The exhibition space of the real estate is such that you dream about, magnificent Villas and fantastic houses.

In this video slot, Microgaming addressed the topic of real estate sales. Therefore, the symbols are real estate Agents with smiles and different types of real estate. On the reels, you will see symbols of various real estates. Real estate like a ranch, a two-story building and a summer house with an incredible entrance to a quiet family home.

Prime Property
Prime Property

The look of the game is great, with phenomenal graphics that add a comic side to the seriousness of buying real estate. In the bonus game view, below each ad, there is a brief description of the sale and features.

Prime Property – choose a property wisely!

The two special symbols are the Wild symbol in the form of the Prime Property board, and the Scatter symbol, which is represented by the truck symbol on which Move it is written. There is also a Bonus symbol in the form of a Newspaper. This fantastic slot is on five reels in three rows and has 40 paylines.

Prime Property
Online Casino Bonus

This great video slot has a bonus feature of Free Spins and Multipliers, more reason to play! For the players to start the search for their dream home, they need to place roles on the control panel. The board is located at the bottom of the slot, place a bet and start the game with the Spin key.

The Wild symbol, which is the logo of the game, replaces all other symbols, except the Bonus and Scatter symbols, thus creating a chance for bigger winning combinations. The Move It Truck symbol is the Scatter symbol of the slot, while the Bonus symbol is presented in the form of a Newspaper.

Prime Property
Prime Property

A special feature in this slot is the Prime Property Bonus feature!

You need to get three or more Newspaper symbols to activate the bonus game!

  • Three Newspaper symbols start the bonus with one free spin and a multiplier of 1
  • Four Newspaper symbols start the bonus with two free spins and a multiplier of 2
  • Five Newspaper symbols start the bonus with three free spins and a multiplier of 3

Win up to 40 free spins with multipliers!

Before the free spins begin, players will be redirected to the real estate ads page in the newspaper. There they choose properties until they choose the ones that trigger the Bonus Free Spins. The rewards they reveal when chosen are additional free spins and additional multipliers.

Prime Property
Online Casino Bonus

When the bonus game is activated, players have at their disposal various houses that offer free games and multipliers! You need to choose a property wisely! Free spins and multipliers are calculated and then the Free Spins round begins. Players can win up to 40 free spins with multipliers of 8 through this bonus!

Prime Property is a great noteworthy video slot with lucrative bonus features. A demo version of the slot is available, so players have the opportunity to try out the game before investing real money.

You can play this video slot on all devices, both on desktop, tablets and mobile phones. Theoretically, the RTP (return to player percentage) of this game is 95.99%.

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