Rainbow Gold – online rainbow bonus slot!

Travel to the land of leprechauns and lucky clover with the Rainbow Gold slot coming from Pragmatic Play. The game is rich in bonuses that can lead you to big wins.

Find out all about:

  • Themes and features of the game
  • Symbols and their values
  • How to play and win
  • Bonus games

The Rainbow Gold slot has a five-column setup and 20 paylines with top columns that contain cash prizes or access to bonus free spins.

Bonus free spins can be played from 4 sets of columns with enhanced features that will bring you Irish happiness.

Rainbow Gold

Before you start winning the Rainbow Gold slot, you need to get acquainted with the control panel located at the bottom of the slot.

Initially, you need to adjust the size of your bet on the Bet +/- button. When you have set the stakes, press the Spin key to start the slot columns. You can use the Autoplay option at any time, which is used to automatically play the game.

The Rainbow Gold slot comes with the theme of happy leprechauns!

Also, it is recommended that you get acquainted with the rules of the game, as well as the values ​​of each symbol separately in the information section.

Like most other games with this theme, the Rainbow Gold slot has a green color scheme, with gold ornaments and lots of traditional symbols.

As for the symbols, you will see classic card symbols that have a lower value, which you replace with frequent appearances in the game.

Among the other symbols on the columns of the Rainbow Gold slot, you will see the symbols of a 4-leaf clover, a mug of beer, a horseshoe, a green cylinder and a happy Leprechaun.

gold 101

The wild symbol is shown with the Wild logo and replaces all symbols except the elves. The wild symbol appears on all columns.

The Rainbow Gold game has a counter function at the top of the game that displays a random reward on each of the five columns. On each spin, the leftmost prize moves to the left, off the screen, and a new random prize comes from the right side of the screen.

The elf symbol in the game can appear on all columns. Each time an elf symbol is obtained, a prize is awarded on the counter at the top above the column on which the elf was obtained.

The game has a lot of exclusive bonuses!

This way you can get a direct cash prize of x2 to x100 more than bets, without increasing Ante bets. ALL IN VIEW award that assigns all the values ​​of the other counter items at the top that are currently on the screen.

The Super Spins awards a round of free spins when collected. Each Super Spins prize item also has a random number of matrices, from 1 to 4 that will be unlocked for the next free spins feature.

gold 66

Current rewards on the top counter are saved for each possible bet, and returning to a specific bet will load the last saved counterbalance at the top.

The Rainbow Gold casino slot has a bonus round of free spins. Namely, every time you get the elf symbol and collect the Super Spins item from the counter at the top, a round of free spins is activated.

The round of free spins in the Rainbow Gold slot is played on a maximum of 4 3 × 5 matrices. The round starts with the number of unlocked matrices equal to the number on the counter at the top obtained in the base game from 1 to 4.

gold 77

Each of the matrices has its own counter at the top, with random items, which move from right to left at each spin, as in the base game. Receiving the elf symbol will award a prize from the counter at the top above the column on which it was won.

During bonus free spins, the following items may appear on the counter at the top. Direct cash prizes from x2 to x500 from stakes, All in View prize, Super All in View prize.

gold 88

There may also be an additional free spin prize as well as a Rainbow Boost prize that unlocks one of the locked matrices in the current round.

Rainbow Gold is optimized for all devices, so you can play it on your mobile phone. The slot has a demo version, which allows you to try the game for free at the online casino.

Play the Rainbow Gold slot at your chosen online casino and make a good profit.


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