Rise of Horus – the Egyptian god brings casino fun!

Repeatedly processed at an online casino, one of the most important ancient Egyptian deities, Horus, served once again as the inspiration for the emergence of the casino game. This time, we present to you the slot of the provider EvoPlayRise of Horus, which deals with this god with a falcon’s head in a special way. Below you will find an overview of the slot with a specific look, which has a bonus function with respins and wilds and a bonus game with free spins. The game board will experience transformations in this slot, and if you are interested in what exactly it is about, continue reading, and then look for Rise of Horus at your favorite online casino.

The online casino game Rise of Horus is set in front of a magnificent palace, with richly decorated pillars and two statues of Horus, which surround the game board. This look of the game is accompanied by fantastic, soothing music, with noticeable oriental elements, which is interrupted only by the sound when achieving winnings. Imagine a beautiful sunny day in the Palace of Prosperity, which opens its doors to you and provides an opportunity for unprecedented fun and earnings.

Meet the ancient Egyptian god in the phenomenal Rise of Horus slot

The game board is made of stone blocks, and the symbols, basic and special, that appear on it are drawn on the blocks as hieroglyphs. The first group of symbols includes symbols of different animals, engraved in stone, which make symbols of lower value, and they are joined by three symbols of animals, higher values, which come in purple, green, and blue, and there is also the symbol of Horus.

Rise of Horus
Rise of Horus slot layout

The basic symbols should be arranged from left to right in columns, starting from the first column on the left, to provide a gain. You need at least three of the same symbols, and a maximum of five, to make a win, but these symbols should also match one of the 243 paylines that the Rise of Horus slot has. So, there are no classic paylines, you just need to line up at least three symbols. The situation with the number of winning combinations changes in bonus functions and games, but more on that later.

The symbol that will help you put together winning combinations is the wild, the first special symbol. It appears only in columns 2, 3 and 4, and within it acts on the basic symbols, replacing them and building winning combinations with them. The only symbol that the wild cannot replace is the scatter, represented by the golden scarab beetle, better known in our country as the dung beetle. This most famous ancient Egyptian amulet triggers the bonus function Respins, and can also take you to a bonus game.

Rise of Horus
Scarab in the third column

Through respins with 3,125 paylines to a bonus game with over 16,000 ways to win

You will notice that the third column of the Rise of Horus slot is especially prominent, which is not a coincidence. Each time the scatter symbol appears in the third column, it will bring you one respin, during which the game board will expand to five columns and five rows, increasing the number of paylines to 3,125.

Another great thing: columns 2 and 4 also become special, and if another scatter appears in one of the three columns during the first respin, the board expands again. You get two more rows and one free spin per scatter symbol, and the number of paylines raises to 16,807. During the second respin, the scatter symbols also bring one free spin, but wherever they are found, which adds up to the previously won free spins, the bonus game begins. So, the only way to get to the bonus game is through the bonus function with respins.

Rise of Horus
Respin 2

At the beginning of the bonus game, one of the nine basic symbols is chosen as a special symbol, which will appear as expanding, ie. will appear in multiple copies. This time, not as a symbol that will occupy all the rows of one column, but as three stacked symbols. The bonus game is played on five columns in seven rows, with 16,807 paylines.

Rise of Horus
Bonus game

In addition to the bonus game, the Rise of Horus video slot has another bonus feature, which only appears in the basic game. The Horus Gift function can be started after any unprofitable spin when the statues of Horus around the board wake up and change up to three lower value symbols into wilds. This function can only affect the symbols in columns 2, 3, and 4.

Rise of Horus
Bonus feature Horus Gift

All in all, Rise of Horus is a top-quality slot when we talk about Egyptian-themed slots. In addition to great graphics, accompanied by great animations and fantastic music, this game also offers good earnings. The specificity of the game is reflected in the fact that the bonus game with free spins, five columns in seven rows, and over 16,000 paylines, comes through respins. From one way to another to make a profit … not bad at all. Find Rise of Horus at your favorite online casino and enjoy spinning.

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