Rise of the Genie – a slot inspired by a fairy tale!

The video slot Rise of the Genie is a fun game from the provider iSoftBet in which the main role is played by a magical genie. The game is inspired by the stories of Aladdin and his magic lamp and comes with a lot of bonuses.

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The Rise of the Genie slot setup is three columns and three rows of symbols and 5 paylines. Before you start playing this online casino game, you need to adjust the size of your stakes on the control panel.

Rise of the Genie

Coin Chip will open the Total Bet panel where you can adjust your bets. The spin will trigger the columns when your bets are placed

Collect Cash Pot or Instant Pays can be cashed out at any time when you have something to collect from any prize. The Reset Prize Genie button is located at the top and resets all cash prizes.

Rise of the Genie slot takes you to magical winnings!

A win in the Rise of the Genie slot means you climb up three prize ladders of different levels. However, be careful, the ghost can reset the received rewards, so it is important to collect them in time and be faster than the ghost.

Wins in the Rise of the Genie slot occur when you get 2 or 3 matching symbols on one of the five paylines, but the win is not paid out immediately.

Instead, each win climbs up 1 of 3 prize ladders, and the table below the prize ladders tells you how many rungs any given win awards on the respective ladders.

The three symbols, consisting of a lamp, a book and a gemstone star, come in green, blue and red.

Rise of the Genie

Star wins take you to the lowest prize ladder of 8 steps, book wins take you to the middle-value ladder of 8 steps, and come with a top prize of 20 times your stake.

Winning with the lamp climbs to the top 12 rungs of the prize ladder, where prizes range from x2 to x50 the stake.

The wild symbol in The Rise of the Genie slot can replace all symbols in the game to help form winning combinations. What is important to know is that the wild symbol only appears in the second column.

To the right of the slot columns, you will notice three scales that are shown as cash values but are actually bet multipliers.

The left scale offers prizes of x2.5 per spin bet and goes up to x50. The middle scale comes with rewards between x25 spin bet up to x500, and the right scale offers rewards up to x6 spin bet up to x120.

Rise of the Genie

You will progress through the ladder by getting 2 or 3 matching symbols to appear on one of the active paylines.

Your rewards will show as progress on the ladder, but will not be automatically collected until you choose to press the Collect button.

You need to know that, when you press collect, the progress on the ladder is reduced and you go back to the beginning.

Exclusive bonuses on the ladders bring profit!

The value of the Cash Pot is the sum of all values ​​from all three scales. It is important to know that if the ghost appears on the screen before you collect your values ​​from the Cash Pot, he will steal everything and you will be back at the beginning. Also, any change to the bet will also reset the pot.

Instant Pay in The Rise of the Genie slot is activated when you reach the top of any ladder and the rewards will be displayed on the panel.

Rise of the Genie

Prizes can be collected by pressing a button or using the Cash Pot, but the Instant Pay steps will reset at the start of each spin. However, the ladder will remain full if only the Instant Pay is collected but not the Cash Pot.

The Rise of the Genie slot is very fun, and what’s surprising about this online casino game is that the magic spirit here doesn’t help you, but repels you, so be careful and collect your winnings in time. The game has medium volatility and the RTP of 96.46%.

Play Rise of the Genie slot at your chosen online casino and win prizes.


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