Roger Fly – board the galley that sails to the bonus!

The Roger Fly video slot comes from the pirate-themed casino game provider Spearhead. This five-column online casino game includes multipliers and respins that can take you to big winnings.

Find out all about:

  • Themes and features of the game
  • Symbols and their values
  • How to play and win
  • Bonus games

The Roger Fly game setup is on five columns in three rows of symbols and 10 paylines. In this online casino game, you have the chance to join Captain Roger as he boards his galley and heads for the treasure.

roger fly

The action of the slot takes place on a desert island surrounded by a blue sea and sandy beach. In the distance, you will see several other small islands with palm trees and sand.

The symbols in the slot correspond to the theme of the game and are divided into two groups. The first group of symbols consists of coins of lower payout value, which appear more often in the game. Coins are a stylized version of common card symbols.

The second group of symbols consists of female and male pirates, monkeys, galleys and treasure chests. These are symbols of greater payment value.

Go for the treasure with the captain of the Roger Fly slot!

The RTP of the slot is 96.35%, which is very decent and slightly above the average.

At the bottom of the slot is the control panel with all the necessary options for the game. Clicking the Bet +/- button opens a menu where you can select the size of your spin.

An Autoplay function is also available, which you can activate at any time. You can place up to 100 spins through this function. You can also set limits on your winnings and losses.


You also have the option to adjust the volume as desired or simply turn it off. You can see your current balance in the Balance section. If you want to speed up the game, you can do so with the Turbo button.

With the “and” button you can enter the information menu where you are shown the symbols and their values. You can also read the rules of the game here.

You can try the game in a demo version at your chosen online casino for free, and it is optimized for all devices, so you can also play it via mobile phones.

Bonus Respin and multipliers lead to winnings!

The main bonus option of the Roger Fly slot is that you get Respin after each win. And not only that, but you also get an increasing multiplier with each new consecutive respin.

In this game, you can benefit from 20 respins and x64 multipliers. The respin counter is shown at the top of the columns. There are x1 x2 x4, x8, x16, x32 and x64 download multipliers.

The graphics in the Roger Fly slot are at a satisfactory level, and the music is tailored to the theme. The slot is simple and therefore very attractive to all types of players, both veterans and beginners.

The characters in the game are in the style of a cartoon, which is another thing that will enchant you in this online casino game with a pirate theme. Slot Roger Fly doesn’t have many bonus features, but the Respin bonus is very generous for awarding prizes.

roger 33

As you spin the columns of the Roger Fly slot you will enjoy the view of the blue sea which seems very calming yesterday. However, when you win, you will be struck by an interesting soundtrack during the bonus Respin.

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Let’s go back to the Roger Fly slot that comes from the Spearhead provider and remind you that you have the opportunity to try it out in a demo version, before investing real money.

Play the Roger Fly slot and win significant winnings at your chosen online casino.

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