Santa’s Riches – New Year’s slot treasure!

The Santa’s Riches video slot comes from the manufacturer of casino games Greentube, with a New Year’s and Christmas theme. The holidays are the best time of the year, and Christmas inspires casino game makers to create dozens of new games every year, and they are all very popular. This year, the Santa’s Riches slot presents a game where Santa brings us exclusive gifts, and the game combines a traditional look, with hard-working North Pole workers, and a modern design.

Santa’s Riches
Santa’s Riches

The Santa’s Riches slot initially gets a five-column configuration in three rows and 20 paylines, but the column expansion feature allows you to end up with six columns in five rows and 50 paylines. Thanks to that, it seems that the biggest possible prizes are 1,500 times bigger than the stakes. Its main features are Arrow Trail and Free Spins. The theoretical RTP of this casino game is 95.26%, while the variance is medium.

Immerse yourself in the New Year’s magic with the Santa’s Riches video slot and make money!

The Santa’s Riches slot is beautifully designed, with a New Year’s and Christmas theme with a traditional look. The game area is large, so it doesn’t leave much room for background. At the top, next to the logo, you will get the Arrow Trail, ie. meter. The game area is partially active and partially locked in ice, and then unlocked when you get multiple winning combinations.

The basic symbols are cards A, J, K, and Q, and they are drawn on the sides of the Christmas tree decorations. Other symbols range from Santa Claus, gifts, gift socks, and other decorations. At the bottom of the video slot is a control panel with options that players use when playing. You set the desired bet on the Total Bet +/- button, while you start the game on the Start button. An Autoplay button is also available, which is used to play the game automatically. In the Menu option, you can find all the necessary details about the game, as well as the values ​​of each symbol separately.

Santa’s Riches
Online Casino Bonus

The game gives you the setting of the total bet at the bottom of the screen and with it you can change the amount that goes to the 20 lines used at the beginning of each round. As for the rewards that can happen to you, you will want a full screen covered with the best-paid combinations, each of which gives 30 times the stake. As we have already said, you can have up to 50 lines and this indicates the biggest win which is 1,500 times bigger than the stakes.

Reel Drops, or cascading columns, is an option that occurs in this slot. It is activated whenever you form combinations and will allow you to gain new gains and progress on the meter. This works by removing the winning symbols and placing new sets of symbols in their places.

The Santa’s Riches video slot joins a series of New Year’s slots with exclusive bonuses!

In addition to the cash prizes, which you get when you form winning combinations, there is also the Arrow Trail. What does it mean? Every victory you form leads you to progress on this path, and as you do so, you begin to unlock additional positions and active lines. There are a total of seven arrows and each has its own characteristics.

The first arrow starts with six columns with three symbols each, where 20 lines can now pay in both directions, the second arrow adds another row and you play with 40 active lines, and the third arrow allows you to play on six columns in five rows and 50 active the line. The fourth arrow unlocks 5 free spins and gives you symbols for Christmas presents! The fifth arrow allows free spins to receive Christmas gift symbols in a stacked shape, and the seventh arrow is another reinforcement for Christmas gift symbols, which are now 3 × 2 in size.

Once the bonus free spins are launched, you will receive them multiple times as you progress on the track. You need 4-7 winning combinations in a row to get 4 to 10 additional bonus rounds.

Double your winnings with the Santa’s Riches Gamble video slot option!

In addition to this, the Santa’s Riches slot also has a Gamble bonus game, which can be activated after any winning combination by pressing the Gamble button, which is located at the bottom of the control panel. All you have to do is guess the color of the next randomly selected card to double your winnings. Available colors for guessing are red and black, and the chances of winning are 50/50.

Santa’s Riches
Gambling feature

The Santa’s Riches slot looks good and has enough exciting features, and inside you can explore a lot. The game is available on all devices, both on the desktop and on the tablet and mobile phone. You can also try it for free in a demo version at your favorite online casino.


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