Savage Jungle – all the charms of the casino jungle!

Welcome to the jungle where the king of animals burned! You’ll admit it’s a bit of an unusual situation, but you’ll see when a gorilla rules the Savage Jungle slot, winnings are inevitable.

Below you will find a review of this slot, where you will get acquainted with the game and find out:

  • Details of the slot, how many paylines it has and how to get paid
  • It’s all about the symbols – which are, which provide instant winnings, and which lead to bonus functions
  • How to get extra wilds and multipliers
  • How to start a bonus game with free spins and sticky wilds

The Savage Jungle video slot is the work of renowned game maker Playtech, which perfectly portrayed the wild world of the jungle. You will see everything – from the smallest water lily to a huge monkey in charge of order and peace.

But not only that, but also for the winnings, which you will realize through a wild function with wilds and a bonus game. Not to be outdone, get acquainted with the Savage Jungle slot and prepare to spin at your favorite online casino!

Meet the King of the Jungle video slot Savage Jungle!

The Savage Jungle video slot has a slightly changed configuration, as it comes with five columns in four rows and 50 paylines.

In order to make a profit, it is necessary to arrange the symbols in combinations along with the paylines, from left to right. The game is played exclusively on all 50 paylines, which means that they are fixed and you cannot change their number.

Savage Jungle
Savage Jungle slot layout

The symbols to be arranged in combinations are represented primarily by the classic card symbols 9, 10, J, Q, K and A. These are symbols of lesser value, and the symbols of greater value are represented by a water lily, a butterfly, an iguana, a toucan and a jaguar.

There is, of course, a gorilla. It represents the wild symbol of the Savage Jungle slot, and appears in columns 2, 3, 4 and 5. This is a symbol that replaces all the basic symbols and builds winning combinations with them. The only symbol it cannot replace is the scatter symbol.

The Savage Wild bonus game brings dangerous multipliers to x25

The gorilla symbol is special for another reason – the bonus game it launches! It is a game called Savage Wild Feature, which appears in the basic game.

In the upper right corner, above the game board, you will see the inscription Savage Wild and a number from 10 to 50. When that number appears, the countdown starts until the function actually starts.

Each gorilla symbol, ie. the wild symbol, which appears on the board will leave one sheet behind. Next to it will be a number, which is the number of the multiplier that is calculated at the end of the function.

The value of this multiplier will increase if the wild lands on the same field more than once. The maximum value that one field can reach is x25.

In addition, when new wilds appear on the board, all fields that have a leaf on them turn into a wild symbol!

Savage Jungle
Savage Wild Feature

When the field above the game board shows number 1, the Savage Wild Feature bonus game starts. The highest value per payline will be calculated and your winnings will be multiplied!

When the bonus game is over, the leaves are removed from the board and a new round of multiplier collection begins. As part of the Savage Wild Feature bonus game, it is possible to start another bonus game, the one that brings free spins!

Win 10 or more free spins with sticky wilds and multipliers

The principle is the same as with most video slots: collect at least three scatter symbols and open the Free Spins bonus game, in which you will win 10 free spins.

In addition, scatter symbols also appear within it, and you will be able to win an additional five free spins if you collect three of these symbols again.

That’s not all, the wilds appear here as well, but they bring another function with them. When they appear in the columns in the bonus game, they will stay in the fields where they found themselves until the end of the game, that is. it will become sticky.

And, if another wild lands over one wild, this will increase the value of the multiplier of that field by x1. This way you can reach the maximum value of the multiplier of x25!

Savage Jungle
Sticky wilds

The Savage Jungle video slot has a very pleasant design, with colorful symbols, which enrich the game and give it a shine. And the soundtrack is great because it takes us straight into the jungle; a twitter story is heard, which is interrupted only by the appearance of scatter symbols and a bonus game.

Not everything is so savage (wild) in this jungle! But we know what it is – gains! Just arrange the wilds in columns and the gain will not be missed.

Try the Savage Jungle video slot in your favorite online casino and experience all the charms of the online jungle!

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