Secrets of the Amazon – get to know the wild world of the Amazon!

Along the famous American river Amazon, there are large, still completely unexplored forest areas. One of the largest jungles in the world is located next to this river. Amazon jungle or Amazon rainforest, you’ve probably heard of some of these terms. This jungle covers the territory of as many as nine countries. Amazon has obviously also served as an inspiration for game maker Playtech, which brings us a new game called Secrets of the Amazon. It’s up to you to explore it and find some amazing things. Read more about this game below.

Secrets of the Amazon, Playtech, Online Casino Bonus
Secrets of the Amazon

Secrets of the Amazon is an infinitely interesting video slot that has five reels in three rows and 20 paylines. The paylines are active and you can change and adjust their number at your own discretion. The three payout symbols in the payline are the rule to make any winnings. The only exception to this rule is the Wild symbol, which gives payouts even for two symbols in the row. Winning combinations are calculated from left to right, starting from the first reel on the left.

You can only make one win on one payline. If you have more, you will be paid the highest value.

The game also has an Autoplay option, as well as Turbo Mode, which you can activate if you feel that the reels are spinning too slowly. By clicking on the plus and minus buttons next to the Line Bet button, you determine the amount of bets per payline.

About the symbols of the Secrets of the Amazon slot

Secrets of the Amazon is an atypical video slot also because there are no card symbols in it. The three symbols of least value are the animals that are representatives of the Amazon: the iguana, the snake and the frog. They are followed by two symbols with a slightly higher payout value, and these are two parrots, one white, and the other black and white.

After these symbols we come to three wild cat symbols that carry a high payout value. The first in line is the cougar, followed by a leopard. Five leopard symbols on the payline will bring you 500 times more than your bet per payline! The most valuable among these animals is the Black Panther. It will bring you a reward 600 times your payout line for five symbols in the payline.

The Wild doubles your winnings

This game also has two special symbols, the scatter and the wild symbol. Scatter is represented by a picture of a beautiful wild flower. The Wild is represented by a picture of a beautiful girl who lives in the jungles of the Amazon.

The Wild, of course, changes all the symbols, except the scatter, and helps them form winning combinations. In addition, it also doubles all the winnings in which it participates as a substitute symbol in the winning combination.

The scatter symbol only pays outside the paylines, that is, wherever it is on the reels. Three or more scatter symbols trigger the free spins feature.

Secrets of the Amazon, Online Casino Bonus, Free Spins
Free Spins

After that, there will be three flowers in front of you, and it is up to you to choose one.

Moonflowers, Secrets of the Amazon, Online Casino Bonus
Choose one flower

The rules for distributing free spins are as follows:

  • 3 scatters can bring you between 5 and 15 free spins,
  • 4 scatters can bring you between 8 and 18 free spins,
  • 5 scatters can bring you between 10 and 20 free spins.

Multipliers go up to x50

During this function the starting multiplier is x1 and with each new spin a plus 1 multiplier is added.

As spins can be restarted, it is possible to win up to 50 free spins and an x50 multiplier!

The reels are located in the rainforest of the Amazon and you will see the beautiful nature of this part of the world. The graphics are unique and you will see a large number of shades of green.

Secrets of the Amazon – discover the unique flora and fauna of the Amazon!

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