Skys the Limit – a slot of heavenly winnings!

If you’re looking for adrenaline, you’ve longed for the blue sky and winning some bonuses, the Skys the Limit video slot from the Habanero provider will serve you well. Two wilds with different powers and a great bonus game with free spins and win multipliers await you in this slot.

Adrenaline fun in Habanero’s style, with recognizable graphics, is waiting for you to enjoy it. Read more about this video slot below.

Experience a rush of adrenaline with the Skys the Limit video slot

The online casino slot Skys the Limit is an interesting game, with five columns in three rows, in which our heroes, the skydivers, appear.

The background of the slot is a panorama that reveals distant snow-covered mountains and forest greenery that is ready to receive these adventurers.

On the blue-white game board, there are symbols that can be divided into two groups, special and basic. The basic group of symbols includes the symbols characteristic of this entire celestial adventure, including gloves, a watch, a helmet, a camera, a backpack and an airplane.

These are symbols of different values, which provide winnings for different numbers of symbols in a combination.

Skys the Limit

Goggles, camera, helmet, backpack and airplane are symbols that will bring you a win for two of the same in combination, and for winnings, with other symbols, three of the same are needed.

All basic symbols should be arranged from left to right by columns, but also by paylines, in order to give a win. There are 25 paylines and they are fixed, which means that you cannot adjust their number, and if several wins occur on one payline, only the most valuable one will be paid out. Wins on multiple paylines are possible.

There are two wild in the slot!

The first symbol from the special group, the wilds, will help you create winning combinations in the Skys the Limit slot.

In fact, this video slot has two wilds– one is represented by a single paratrooper, and the other is represented by two paratroopers.

Both of these wilds appear only in the central columns, i.e. 2, 3 and 4, and serve to replace symbols and build a winning combination with them. They do not provide winnings for their own combinations but can prove extremely useful on columns.

Skys the Limit

There is a difference between these two wilds, the first wild, the one with one paratrooper, can only replace the basic symbols, and the second wild can also replace the first wild, which means that it cannot participate in a combination with only the scatter symbol.

In addition, when a double wild participates in a winning combination, it has the power to increase its winning value twice.

Skys the Limit

The bonus game offers up to 100 free spins with multipliers

As for the second, or third, the special symbol of the Skys the Limit slot, it is the scatter, represented by a parachutist with a colorful parachute.

This is the symbol that will give you a win for 2-5 of the same symbols in a combination, and it has the same value as the highest value symbol of the slot, the plane. It should also be said that the scatter symbol provides winnings wherever it is on the columns, regardless of the paylines.

Skys the Limit

In addition, when you collect three of these symbols, you trigger a bonus game where you can win up to 100 free spins.

The first time you start the game, you get six free spins, but this number can be increased because scatter symbols will appear on the columns.

Every time one of these symbols is found anywhere on the board, you get a free spin. Another great thing about the bonus game is that within it all wins are worth double in the first six spins, and after that, every win is worth four times more.

Skys the Limit

The online casino slot Skys the Limit is a good source of adrenaline fun, which becomes exciting in the bonus game, where you can win up to 100 free spins.

In addition to free spins, the general multiplier x2, and the multiplier x4, after six free spins, will participate in the acquisition of the bonus.

Another advantage is that it can be played on all platforms, so you can enjoy your heavenly adventure from your home. If you liked this video slot, look for it and try it at your favorite online casino.



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