Stellar Spins – pick up space casino bonuses!

With the Stellar Spins video slot, we rise above the Earth and travel into a space full of bonuses. This interstellar work originated from the creative kitchen of the well-known online casino provider Microgaming and contains several ways to win. From the basic game, which offers a special two-way calculation of winnings, to the bonus game with free spins, this trip will be interesting and profitable. Continue reading this review and learn more about the Stellar Spins video slot.

Meet the Stellar Spins video slot

The online casino slot Stellar Spins is a standard video slot with five columns in three rows and 10 fixed paylines. The slot board is placed just above our planet, and the entire slot exudes that kind of cosmic atmosphere. Such are the symbols, which we divide into basic and special. The first group includes card symbols heart, spade, club, and diamond in the form of diamonds and one white diamond. They are joined by three happy weeks in star editions, which are of different values.

Stellar Spins
Stellar Spins slot layout

With these basic symbols, the wild will help in making winning combinations of at least three symbols. It is represented by a star with the inscription Wild and is the first special symbol of the Stellar Spins slot. The Wild cannot make a profit from his own symbols, but he can do with the basic symbols, replacing them on the columns. In this form, it appears only in the basic game, but in the bonus game, it gets an even more important place and function.

Open a bonus game with free spins and symbol vaults

To start the bonus game, you will need three scatter symbols. This is a symbol represented by a constellation with the inscription Free Spins. The scatter symbol is the only one that is not subject to the rule of sorting by columns and by paylines. That is why the basic symbols are subject, and it is necessary to collect at least three of the same and to spread from left to right along with the columns, but also along with the paylines.

When you collect three scatter symbols, you start a bonus game in which you get eight free spins. And that’s not all, you start a game that contains one special expanding symbol and wild stores. Before the bonus game starts, this special symbol is selected, and wilds, scatter symbols, or 2 Way Pay symbols cannot be selected.

Stellar Spins
A special symbol in the bonus game

When this special symbol is found in three copies on different columns, it will expand to cover an entire column, providing better winnings! The great thing is that scatter symbols also appear as part of the bonus game, so additional free spins can be won.

Wilds in the bonus game become even more useful because they appear in some kind of warehouse, ie. in a series of several of the same in a column. In this way, up to three wilds can appear on one column, covering the whole and thus acting on other symbols, providing even more gains. The only bad news is that such wilds appear only in the third column.

Stellar Spins

A special symbol provides a two-way payment

Let’s go back to the basic game because it contains one special function that will help you reach more frequent winnings. It is a 2 Way Pay function that is introduced into the game by a special symbol with two arrows. When this symbol appears anywhere on the game board, both directions calculation of winnings will start!

Stellar Spins
2 Way Pay

You will have the next 10 spins to make as many wins as possible from left to right and right to left, after which this feature ends and you return to normal one-sided payments. It may happen that you get this symbol again within the same function when the double-sided payment will be expanded to 10 more spins.

The Stellar Spins is an interstellar video slot is a standard video slot, which provides us with a two-way payment method, which we do not often see at online casinos. On the other hand, it has a standard bonus game with free spins, but also a column with expanding wilds. This is an interesting casino slot, top graphics, and interesting music, which will serve you to have fun and make money.

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