Super Boom – online slot with great bonuses

The Super Boom video slot comes from casino game makers Booming Games and Microgaming with bank robberies, along with plenty of explosives. The game has several types of wild symbols that will help you form winning combinations. Also, there are bonus free spins that can bring you a great casino win.

Super Boom
Super Boom

The design of the game is in a cartoon style, with modern graphics and several main features that, when turned on, can be a lot of fun. The Super Boom video slot is set up on five columns in three rows and 12 paylines, which will pay as much as 10 times more than the stakes on each line, before the multipliers that come with wild symbols start to apply.

The Super Boom video slot comes with wild symbols along with multipliers!

What is special about this slot game is that it offers several column multipliers with wild symbols and free spins, where multipliers come with x2 and x3 values, which significantly improves the chances of winning. The game has a lot of volatility, so you can hope for less frequent winnings, but when that happens, it can be a hefty amount.

Super Boom
Wild symbol

The theme and design show a bank robbery, where explosives are used, but there are also superheroes who try to prevent it. The background of the game is the city with skyscrapers and everything is done in a cartoon style. The lights in some buildings are on, which indicates that night has fallen. This is confirmed by the lit street lamps, but also by the sky covered with stars.

The symbols shown on the columns of this slot are a superhero, who tries to prevent a bank robbery, and there are also characters of robbers and a girl who helps them. Of the other symbols on the columns, you will see newspapers, safes, gold bars, money bags, cash, and gold coins.

Super Boom
Online Casino Bonus

The control panel is located on the right side of the slot, where when you press the green round button, which represents Start, you can use the + sign to enter the menu. Here you will find the Bet Max button that is used to automatically set the maximum stake, as well as the Autoplay button with which you set the automatic playback of the game.

One of the main symbols will appear as Wild x2 and Wild x3 and represents the wild symbol of the slot. Depending on what you get, the wild symbol can also serve as a replacement for other symbols, but it can also come with a multiplier. These symbols both mix and create their own combinations, capable of making a great payoff. Wilds with multipliers x2 and x3 can only appear in columns 1, 3, and 5, while regular wilds can appear anywhere.

Win bonus free spins in the Super Boom slot!

Scatter symbols can be obtained on all columns of the Super Boom slot, even several times in one column, and are also used to activate bonus free spins. Here’s how. With 5 to 12 scatter symbols, which are displayed on the columns, you get 5 to 12 bonus free spins.

An additional advantage of bonus free spins is that they can get random wilds columns instead of columns 2 and 4. These wilds add x2 multipliers to any combination formed with their participation. As you can see, wilds are an important feature of this slot. These symbols offer multipliers in several ways, so the gains are further enhanced.

The game is optimized for all devices, so you can play it via your mobile phones. You can also try it out before investing real money in your chosen online casino, in a demo version. Help the superhero to prevent a bank robbery, have fun and make money with the Super Boom video slot.

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