Super Burning Wins – fun in a classic slot!

From time to time you get bored of complicated casino games with too many bonus games. From time to time you want to play a good old classic without any special bonuses.

We will present you with a game that will bring you all that. From game maker Playson comes a new classic slot called Super Burning Wins.

Super Burning Wins
Super Burning Wins

Sometimes you just want a slot that has no scatter symbols, no wild, or any other special symbols. Fruit trees, bars, Lucky 7 symbols – that’s all you want.

If you want to enjoy the simplicity of the game, we suggest you try this slot.

You will only find out what awaits you in this game if you read the following text, which follows an overview of the Super Burning Wins slot. We have divided the overview of this classic into several items:

  • Basic characteristics
  • Symbols
  • Bonus games
  • Graphics and sound

Basic characteristics

Super Burning Wins is a classic slot that has three columns in three rows and five fixed paylines. You won’t have to worry about matching three, four or five matching symbols on the payline. Three symbols in a row are the only possible option.

All winning combinations are counted from left to right, starting from the first column on the left.

By clicking the Bet button a drop-down menu will be opened with available bets. You can also place bets on the arrows to the right of the Bet key.

For players who like high stakes, the Max button is available. You can activate the Autoplay function at any time.

In the settings, you can set Quick Spin Mode after which the game becomes much more dynamic.

Super Burning Wins slot symbols

The symbol of the lowest payout value is the X symbol. These three symbols on the payline will bring you the value of your stake.

The next four symbols have the same value, which is significantly higher than the previous symbol. And those are, of course, the four fruit symbols. Plum, orange, lemon, and cherry yield seven times more than the stakes, if you combine three identical symbols on the payline.

Super Burning Wins
A winning combination with the cheery symbol

We must note that only nine symbols appear on the columns during each spin. Therefore, the possibility of even nine identical symbols appearing on paylines is quite realistic. And that means you will make winnings on all five paylines.

Fruit trees bring a great bonus

These four fruit trees also carry one bonus game. If nine identical fruit symbols appear on the columns, all the winnings you make will be doubled! You heard right, you will win twice as much as you expected.

This practically means that you will win 35 times more than the stakes, because you make winnings on all five paylines. Great extra motivation to try this game.

Super Burning Wins
Bonus doubles your winnings

Double Bar symbols are the next symbols in terms of payout. These three symbols on the payline will bring you 10 times more money than you invested per spin.

Super Burning Wins
A winning combination with the Bar symbol

The golden bell is one of the symbols that carry the highest payout power in most classic slot games. Here, however, he is not the highest paid, but he is second in terms of paying power. These three symbols on the payline will bring you 50 times more money than you invested.

And finally, we come to the symbol that carries the greatest paying power. It is, of course, the red Lucky 7 symbol. These three symbols on the payline will bring you 150 times more than your bet!

Imagine how many winnings await you if you manage to combine winnings on multiple paylines with the Lucky 7 symbol.

Graphics and sound

When it comes to the sound effects of the Super Burning Wins slot, they are pretty standard. There is no music, and you will only hear sound effects while spinning the speakers or when making a win. When making a win, all the symbols that participate in it will catch fire.

The graphics are pretty good, and all the symbols are displayed down to the smallest detail, so check it out in your favorite online casino!

Super Burning Wins – fiery gains in a new classic.


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