Taberna De Los Muertos – game, song and bonuses!

Celebrate life in the best way – by winning bonuses in the great video slot of Taberna De Los Muertos!

With Taberna de los Muertos, the casino game provider Habanero introduces a completely new principle of calculating winnings into the world of video slots – Line Boost.

Read more about this below, where you will also find out:

  • Details of the slot, how many paylines it has and how to win
  • All about the symbols – which are, which bring instant payments, and which have bonus functions
  • But, first of all, what is the Line Boost system
  • All about the scatter symbol and the functions it runs
  • How to get a Wild Feature bonus, and how to get free spins and a progressive jackpot

Continue reading this text to learn more about the Taberna de los Muertos casino slot, and get ready to spin.

Get acquainted with the Line Boost system

We believe that you are most interested in Line Boost, which we mentioned in the introduction, and which is reflected in the most important part of the game – payouts.

Line Boost is a complicated system that leads to 101 paylines, but some rules must be followed beforehand.

The game starts with 25 paylines, which will spread over five columns in three rows, but to get to the 101 payline you must gradually follow the game:

  • Make a profit on any payline 7-19 and open paylines 26-40
  • Make a profit on any payline 20-24 and open paylines 41-50
  • Make a profit on any payline 25-39 and open paylines 51-60
  • Make a profit on any payline 40-49 and open paylines 61-70
  • Make a profit on any payline 50-69 and open paylines 71-90
  • Make a profit on any payline from 70 and open paylines 91-101

The combinations of symbols in the Taberna de los Muertos slot still need to be arranged from left to right in columns, starting from the first column on the left.

In addition, they should be arranged according to paylines, and only one win per payline will be paid – the most valuable one. Either way, parallel gains on multiple paylines are possible.

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Celebrate life with the Taberna de los Muertos video slot

Located in a small town over which darkness falls, the Taberna de los Muertos slot is located in front of the tavern, on the famous Mexican holiday Day of the Dead, hence the name of this slot.

The slot board is transparent, and all the time in the background we can see shooting stars crashing on the city that is getting ready to fall asleep. On the game board you will be able to see basic and special symbols, different values and functions.

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The basic symbols, first of all, belong to the card signs spade, heart, club and diamond, and they are followed by dice, tortilla, poison bottle and gun, as symbols of high value.

The group of special symbols includes wilds and scatter symbols.

The Wilds are represented by a logo on a scroll and a skeleton with a mustache and a sombrero.

The first wild offers payouts for his own combinations and cannot replace the scatter symbol. The second one appears only in the basic game and only in columns 2 and 4. The special feature of this symbol is that it starts the bonus function with the scatter symbol!

Scatter and Wild combined bring new Wilds

The scatter symbol is represented by a female skeleton with purple hair and candles on her head. This is a symbol that offers payouts for your own combinations wherever you are in the columns, regardless of paylines.

There are two features that can be triggered by this symbol, and we will start with the feature with the wild.

Whenever the other wild and scatter find each other, they run Wild Feature.

This feature involves the appearance of two coil wilds that will stick to a nearby symbol, including a scatter.

These wilds just can’t land on other wilds of any kind. All wilds who cover the scatter symbol will act as a scatter, thus having the opportunity to help you get to the bonus game!

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Start a bonus game and win 40 or more free spins

The bonus game starts when you collect three, four or five scatter symbols anywhere in the columns. Then you get 10, 20 or 40 free spins, depending on how many scatter symbols you run the bonus game.

The great thing is that scatter symbols also appear in the bonus game, and it is possible to win additional free spins. At the end of the bonus game, when you spend free spins, the value of the winnings can be doubled at random!

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What makes the Taberna de los Muertos video slot even better is the existence of a progressive jackpot.

This is a jackpot that you can win at any time, on a winning or non-winning spin, by investing the maximum or minimum amount of winnings. The winner of this jackpot is lucky, which raises the adrenaline and makes this video slot more attractive to play.

Play the Taberna de los Muertos video slot and take part in the unique Line Boost system, a bonus game with additional free spins and wilds and scatter symbols with its bonus function!

The Day of the Dead is a joyous holiday for Mexicans, when they dance and sing in memory of the dead, so there is no reason not to visit your favorite online casino and enjoy the song and dance with Taberna de los Muertos.

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