The Curious Cabinet – a horror-themed casino game

From the manufacturer of online casino games Iron Dog, we get an interesting game called The Curious Cabinet with a scary horror theme and exciting bonus games. Read all about:

  • Themes and features of the game
  • Symbols and their values
  • Bonus games
The Curious Cabinet
The Curious Cabinet

The Curious Cabinet is a horror-themed video slot that has five columns arranged in four rows and 40 paylines. All winnings are counted exclusively from left to right, starting from the first column on the left.

To make any winnings you need to connect at least three matching symbols on the payline. You can make one win on one payline and, if there are more, you can expect to pay only the winning combination that carries the highest payout.

For players who like high stakes, there is a Max Bet button that can be found in the stakes panel. Autoplay options are available, as well as Fast Mode, if you find the slot columns spin slowly.

The Curious Cabinet – a slot of big wins

It’s time to look at which symbols are on the columns of The Curious Cabinet slot, as well as what its payouts are.

Among the symbols of the least rewarding power, you will find a tree with moths, a heart taken from the chest, as well as a frog. Slightly higher payouts can bring you a magic potion and a skeleton skull.

The wild symbol appears in the shape of a rose and can appear in any position on the columns. The wild symbol changes all symbols except the monster, doll and drawer and more than one wild symbol may appear on the columns at the same time.

The doll and the monster are special symbols

Another special symbol that we will present to you is the symbol of a doll, which is not ordinary but has the power to come to life. If you succeed, it may seem daunting, but at the same time, it will bring you great payouts. The question is, how can this doll come to life?

It is enough for this symbol to take up at least four places on the columns and then it acts like a scatter, but it will not bring you free games, but pays wherever it is.

Also, this symbol can expand and take up a 1 × 3 formation, and the nice thing is that as many as 18 of these symbols can appear on the columns. This will bring you a great reward as much as 24,000 times your payline line. Take this chance!

The Curious Cabinet
A horror doll

The next special symbol that we will present to you brings even greater payouts, and it is the symbol of the green monster, which shows only the eyes.

If these four symbols appear on the columns, they will also act as scatter symbols. It will not bring you free games, but it will pay wherever it is on the columns.

Also, the symbol of the green monster can occupy a complex 2 × 2 formation. If 18 of these symbols appear on the columns, you will automatically win 40,000 times more than your bet.

The silver drawer triggers a handful of bonus features

The silver drawer appears on columns two and four, and rewards you with four types of prizes, which are:

  • Respin function
  • Multipliers
  • Instant cash prizes
  • Free spins

When one drawer appears on the columns and assigns you a Respin, it will turn into a wild symbol, which will act as a sticky wild card. The function ends as soon as Respin is realized with any gain.

The Curious Cabinet
Sticky wild

The silver drawer can also bring you an x2 multiplier for your winnings, but you can also be given an instant cash prize.

Free spins bring guaranteed winnings

Two silver drawers launch a round of free spins during which you will be rewarded with 8 bonus free spins.

During the free spins, another row of symbols will be added below the columns. There will be silver and gold drawers in that row, and with each spin from the drawer, you will receive certain prizes.

You can get a cash prize, complex wilds or Respins. The gold drawer brings you bigger cash prizes as well as the x5 multiplier! Take the chance to win great winnings.

The Curious Cabinet
Free spins

On the left and right sides of the columns of the slot of The Curious Cabinet, you will see lighted candles. The slot columns are located in the house where you will see a red curtain and horror symbols hung on the wall in the form of pictures. The music in the slot is creepy and contributes to the horror theme.

Play The Curious Cabinet video slot with a horror theme and plenty of bonuses.

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