The Wheel of Steal – an unusual slot with a wheel of fortune!

Jump into the new game The Wheel of Steal developed by Spearhead. This unusual online casino game comes with bonuses that include a bonus for robbery and multipliers.

Find out all about:

  • Themes and features of the game
  • Symbols and their values
  • How to play and win
  • Bonus games

Slot The Wheel of Steal as a multi-level game does not have a classic column or payline. Instead, you are shown a wheel of fortune. Choose the level of the bet depending on the gem displayed on the screen and pay attention to the very important bonus for robbery.

The Wheel of Steal

The robbery bonus in this online casino game can multiply your winnings by up to x100. It’s time to turn the wheel of fortune and enjoy the unique game.

When you load the game you will see that it has a cartoon style. In the middle of the screen is a large wheel that shows all the positions for the game. You can also notice spotlights and colored lights in the background, which contributes to a better atmosphere of the game.

On the left side of the game is a presenter with a great sense of humor. What is great is that the RTP of this slot is 98%. This is significantly above the industry average and will be a big hit with players.

Slot The Wheel of Steal is a dynamic online game!

The online casino game The Wheel of Steal does not work like other slots. Here you have to choose gems or lock symbols to win.

Use the arrows below each symbol to place your bets. There is a countdown that shows you how much time is left until the start of the next round.

You can set up to 5 bets in the game using the selector. Four bets can be placed on the gems, while one goes on the padlock symbol. Your total bet amount will be a combined five bets.


When the betting round is over the wheel will turn. You can use the menu in the lower-left corner to see information about the game.

Wins in the game are awarded when the wheel stops turning. You will get the amount that the indicator shows. Your winnings will be calculated based on your total bet amount multiplied by the multiplier of the symbols shown on the wheel.

At the wheel one, the winning multiplier for the gem symbol you choose is x3. At the  wheel two the multipliers of the winnings you can get, go from x10 to x50. In the third wheel, the winning multipliers offered range from x10 to x100 of your bet.

Bonus game brings better earnings!

The Wheel of Steal slot has a robbery bonus. The bonus game is activated when all your bets are placed and you will randomly choose one of the gem and multiplier symbols for the round. This will increase your winnings if the indicator falls on it.

If a bonus gem symbol for a robbery occurs, you can get a bet multiplier of x5 to x100 of the total bet.

Slot The Wheel of Steal is not a bonus-rich game, but it offers rich rewards even though it has only one bonus game. The game does not have free spins, but it has a robbery bonus that can help you increase your winnings by up to 100 times the total bet.

Placing your bets in The Wheel of Steal slot on lock symbols will help you advance to the next wheel and unlock further wheel for higher multipliers.


In this game, you can play with other players around the world. Their winnings will be displayed on the right side of the screen so you can see how they fared in the round. A small complaint is that there is no chat option that would make the game more interesting.

Slot The Wheel of Steal is a very unusual and dynamic game that comes from the Spearhead provider. Here you will find a wheel of fortune and an interesting way of playing. Also, the game has a bonus for plunder with multipliers that will help you reach big winnings.

Play The Wheel of Steal slot at your chosen online casino and make a profit.