Tidal Riches – a summer slot with lots of fun bonuses!

Jump on the wave of online casino slots Tidal Riches provider Novomatic! Sun, sea and a great sea adventure full of cold winning chances with interesting cascading symbols. Take a deep breath and dive into the action today!

Take action with the cascading video slot Tidal Riches!

The main game consists of 5 reels, 3 rows and 20 paylines. However, the good thing about paylines is that it is possible to increase their number to a maximum of 50! This is recorded in the counter above the reels shown by the arrows, there are a total of seven but we will now focus on the first three.

Tidal Riches
Slot board that increases the number of fields

When you combine the winning combination, the first arrow will light up and open another 6 × 3 fields, which will pay out all the winnings in both directions! Two arrows open another 6 × 4 fields and pay in both directions on 40 paylines and three arrows open 6 × 5 boxes and 50 paylines! It is important to continue the winning streak to open new fields. When the winnings stop, the arrows go out and you go from the beginning. We will continue and show what other arrows can do.

4, 5 and 6 arrows open free spins!

When you win 4, 5, 6 and 7 times through winnings, you are in the race to win free spins! Four arrows will open the Free Spins bonus game and give you regular Wilds. However, five arrows will give double Wildcards in one field, six in 2 × 2 fields. In the end, when you open all seven arrows, you get free spins with mega Wilds the size of 3 × 2 fields!

This arrow scale will also appear as part of the Free Spins bonus game and provide higher winnings. When you light up at least four arrows in the free spins, you will win additional free spins. For four arrows you will get four free spins, for five six spins, for six arrows eight spins and for seven arrows you will get an additional ten free spins!

Tidal Riches
Five arrows triggered free spins

Cascading reels full of adorable Tidal Riches slot symbols

It is important to note that the Tidal Riches video slot has a so-called cascading reel. What does it mean? This means that, whenever you have a winning combination on the reels, the symbols that participated in its construction disappear from the reels, in their place come the symbols that were above them. In this way, it is possible to realize these winning streaks that we mentioned.

Tidal Riches
Cascading reels

You will notice a board that has illuminated and darkened faces. This is exactly the trick with the winning combination there will be more fields in the game, according to the rules we explained earlier.

Let us move on to the symbols of the slot that will help you in this sea adventure. There are, above all, classic card symbols that we find in the form of the letters A, K, J, Q and the number 10. Besides them, there is also a rich sea world, shown in the form of colourful fish, octopuses and turtles of various payment options.

This video slot also has a Wild symbol, which we mentioned earlier. We mention it here once again just to note that it appears in the form of a symbol with the inscription Wild. Its role is to replace regular symbols and build winning combinations with them that will lead to winning free spins! The only symbol that cannot be replaced is the Scatter, shown in the form of a Treasure chest. Scatter only appears in the bonus game Free Spins and it can explode, when he discovers matching symbols that make winnings.

Tidal Riches
Exploding Scatter Symbol

Roll ’em High and Gamble – treats for adrenaline lovers!

If you are willing to take a higher risk, two additional options will reward you even more, if you are brave enough. It is a Roll ‘em High function that is played in three spins and has two options – Silver and Gold. If you choose the Silver option, you place a bet five times your bet and when you select the Gold option, you place a bet ten times the bet. Within these three spins, mega Wilds of 3 × 2 fields will be added to the reels! More importantly, the arrows do not reset to zero during a non-winning spin, which gives you a better chance of opening the Free Spins bonus game!

Tidal Riches

If you like the extra risk, the Gamble option is also available with which you can double your bet! All you have to do is guess the colour of the next card drawn from the deck and move on to the next card. If you do not hit, you return to the basic game.

Tidal Riches
Gamble, gambling

Put on your diving gear and discover the underwater world with the online casino slot Tidal Riches, which offers you multiple ways to win. Enjoy colourful music that will take you directly to the sea and help you concentrate on the rewards!

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