Time for a Deal – a casino offer that can’t be refused!

Time for a Deal is a video slot version of the popular American show Deal or No Deal. You will find out more about the game below, but also:

  • Details of the slot, how many paylines it has and how to win
  • All about the symbols – which are, which bring instant payments, and which have bonus functions
  • How to get the first bonus game with free spins and wild multipliers
  • All about another bonus game that can take you to the jackpot
  • All about the bonus feature of the basic Reel or Deal game that offers instant winnings

This is an online casino slot located in a spacious studio, with a banker standing to the right of the game board. So, the game is run by a banker, who will make you offers in special bonus games.

The Time for a Deal slot is a standard configuration, with five columns in three rows and 25 fixed paylines. The basic game is exactly the same as in each slot, but the bonus games offer something special.

Meet the Time for a Deal slot

The symbols of the slot can be divided into two groups, and the first group consists of basic symbols, represented by card symbols J, Q, K A, toaster, camera, palm tree, ring and car.

The second group of symbols includes special symbols, which are the wild, scatter and the bonus symbol.

The Wild is represented by the slot logo, and it appears on all columns. Its ability is to replace basic symbols and build winning combinations with them.

Time for a Deal
Slot layout

The Scatter symbol for the Time for a Deal slot is represented by a host labeled Free Games, and this is a symbol that only appears in columns 2, 4 and 5.

When you collect three scatter symbols, you move into the bonus game.

In front of you, there will be three symbols on the grid, which will fill one row of slots. There will be green stars in the first row, red X in the second, and red arrows in the third.

Free spins with multipliers and wilds

You will first be prompted to select the number of free spins by selecting one of the five fields. When you select a field, it will reveal how many free spins you will have within the bonus game.

The second row of the slot will also offer you five squares, but this time you will choose a multiplier that will be applied to the winnings in the bonus game. The range of multipliers is from x1 to x5.

The last row will contain symbols that will act as wilds in the bonus game.

Choose all three items and your bonus game with free spins with multipliers and wilds can begin!

When the bonus game is over, the banker can offer you a mysterious prize or play the bonus game again.

Time for a Deal
Free spins feature

Bonus multi-level game that leads to the jackpot

The last special symbol of the Time for a Deal slot is a bonus symbol that appears only in columns 1, 3 and 5. This symbol is represented by the host holding the gold coin and  launches the bonus game The Big Deal.

This is a multi-level game, starting with the Behind the Doors level.

There will be three doors in front of you and you will be offered to choose one. Behind this door are two silver coins and one gold, and they decide how many columns will participate in the next level of the game, three or five.

The guide will jump in at some point and offer to help you eliminate one door with a silver coin behind it. Decide if you want help or not.

Time for a Deal
Behind the Doors

The second level of The Big Deal bonus game includes a traditional slot machine with a handle that you play with three or five columns, depending on what you won in the previous level.

The board of this slot machine will contain multipliers. Rotate the columns and each row of columns will reveal one row of multipliers.

Next in line is the selection of one of the columns, ie the fields in which the multipliers are located. The column you select will rotate once more and show you the amount won.

Time for a Deal
Spin the multiplier selection columns

Multiplier fields can also contain stars that will indicate the jackpot. If you collect three stars, you will win a progressive jackpot!

Spin the column or take the money

The basic slot game Time for a Deal contains one special feature. It is a Reel or Deal feature which runs randomly.

During a spin, some slot columns will turn into mysterious columns, and the host will offer you a sum of money or to spin hidden columns and try to get a better win.

During this function, he can also offer you to discover columns or increase the value of your winnings. The choice is yours again.

Time for a Deal
Real or Deal?

In the end, it is clear to you what the game is about – offers and making the right decisions!

If you think you are ready for something like that, Time for a Deal is the right game for you.

If you decide to embark on this slot adventure, there are many ways to gain great bonuses and an adrenaline rush!



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