Top 5 slots with dragons

Dragons are one of the most frequently covered topics in the world of online casino games, so in today’s article, we present the Top 5 slots with dragons. It is not surprising why Dragons are one of the most frequently discussed topics because myths about them have appeared in many mythologies. In Slavic mythology, it was believed that there were four types of Dragon-like creatures, namely: Dragon, Dragon, ala and Dragon. The Celts imagined Dragons as four-legged creatures spitting fire. The Scandinavians imagined Dragons as two-legged snakes spitting fire, and in their mythology, Dragons’ symbolized plague or war. In contrast, in Chinese mythology, the Dragon is a symbol of happiness and prosperity.

Now that we have brought you closer to the symbol of the Dragon through various traditions and cultures, it is time to present you the Top 5 slots with dragons of our choice. Let us go in order:

Dragon Kingdom

One of the favourite games around the world with this theme was deservedly on the list of Top 5 slots with dragons. It is a game presented to us by Pragmatic Play and is called the Dragon Kingdom. This slot is placed on five reels in three rows1 and has 25 fixed paylines. Among the symbols, you will see card symbols, a girl with fiery red hair and three Dragons. The Wild wears the game logo and the Scatter wears the Free Spins logo.

Top 5 slots with dragon
Dragon Kingdom – Top 5 slots with dragon

The three Scatters on the reels bring you five free spins and only after that a certain selection is set before you. You will select fields with complex symbols. If you choose a Wild in the first reel you get a multiplier of 1, a red-haired girl in the second reel brings a multiplier of 2, a red Dragon in the third reel brings a multiplier of 3 times, a green Dragon in the fourth reel brings a multiplier of 4 times and a Blue Dragon in the fifth reel brings a multiplier of 5 times. Three Scatters during free spins provides you with three new free spins. The maximum possible payout is 10,000 times your deposit! Take a chance and make a great profit.

Dragons Myth

The company Microgaming presents the story of a fearless girl who is trying to get rid of the terrible plague that has been causing problems for people in her area for years, it is about Dragons. Dragons Myth is a slot that arrives in five reels of three rows and 20 paylines. The Scatter symbol is represented by a cave where the Dragons are located and three, four or five Scatters bring you 10, 15 or 20 free spins. During free spins, winnings are counted in both directions from left to right and from right to left.

Top 5 slots with dragon
Dragon Myth

During free spins, additional bonus symbols may appear on the second and fourth reels. They are sticky and will stay on the reels until the end of this bonus game.

A unique gambling bonus is waiting for you, in which you will find two Dragon eggs in front of you and it is up to you to guess which of them is the Dragon’s cub.

Fire 88

The next video slot called Fire 88 comes from game maker Pragmatic Play and talks about, among other things, Chinese culture full of superstition. In China, the number 88 is believed to bring double happiness! Among the symbols of this slot, you will see at least symbols, diamonds, 88 symbols. Dragons are Wilds in this game and will help you form winning combinations.

Top 5 slots with dragon
Fire 88 – Top 5 slots with dragon

Two Wildcards on the reels will activate one respin. Three or more 88 symbols activate the jackpot bonus game. In front of you will be nine fields that hide jackpot symbols. The Mini, Major and Grand Jackpot symbols are at your disposal. When you pair three identical jackpot symbols you win the value of that jackpot. The mini jackpot brings 38 times more than the stakes, the Major jackpot is 88 times bigger than the stakes while the Grand jackpot brings 888 times more than the stakes.

Divine Dragon Hold and Win

Game maker Playson introduces us to a new game called Divine Dragon Hold and Win. This game is rightly on our list of Top 5 slots with dragons, if for no other reason than the three fantastic jackpots. In this game, Dragons are Wilds and symbols of the greatest paying power. Bonus symbols appear in the form of glowing balls and six or more bonus symbols activate the Hold and Win Bonus which can bring you a Grand Jackpot, 1000 times more than your stake!

Top 5 slots with dragon
Divine Dragon Hold and Win – Top 5 slots with dragon slots

Scatter symbols bear the Free Spins logo and appear on the second, third and fourth reels. Three Scatters bring eight free spins. During free spins, only Scatter, bonus symbols, Wildcards and high-paying symbols appear. Dragons bring great fun this time too, it is up to you to enjoy the game.

Dragon Spark

Game maker Playtech takes us to a land of mythical fire-spitting creatures. These are Dragons and the game is called Dragon Spark. Five reels in five rows and 3125 winning combinations await you in this game. But that is not all, during the free spins you will get two extra rows so the number of winning combinations will be 16,807.

This slot also brings cascading reels. Whenever you make a profit, the symbols that participated in it disappear and new ones appear in their place. Each consecutive winning streak brings a multiplier plus 1. The maximum multiplier you can earn in this game is 50 times and the potential maximum payout is 10,000 times the stake, which makes it representative enough to be on our list of Top 5 slots with dragons. The Wild is represented by the Dragon symbol and appears on all reels except the first. The Wild can also bring fire through the horizontal and it is one of the bonus games.

Top 5 slots with dragon
Dragon Spark – Top 5 slots with dragon

The Scatters are represented by a Dragon egg, and the three Scatters bring 10 free spins. The number of winning combinations is then stitched.

Try Dragon Stark and win 10,000 times more!



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